Top 4 QB stats after game 14

in order of rating

BURRIS, H 64.0 %, 4,120 yds, 34 TDs, 14 ints, 104.9 rating
CALVILLO, 60.7%, 4,244 yds, 27 TDs, 11 ints, 100.6 rating
LULAY, T 65.7%, 3,800 yds, 25 TDs, 10 ints, 99.2 rating
GLENN, K 66.8%, 3,341 yds, 19 TDs, 12 ints, 96.4 rating

Like the guys on the TSN panel said many times. There's no way that there should be such a discrepancy between Burris' stats and the Cat's win-loss record.

8 fumbles, he's turned the ball over 6 more times than the next closest QB. Of course he's also contributed to far more TD passes.

In order of team wins:
Lulay: 10
Calvillo: 8
Durant: 8
Glenn: 8

Followed by saying imagine what this guy's record would be if he had a defence.

The Cats could very well have 10-11 wins already even with a mediocre defense.

That's all well and good, even somewhat impressive, but it's the numbers in the win/loss column that really counts.

ya but the point is thats not on Burris.

The stats are missing turnovers and Burris is the worst among top quarterbacks. Burris takes risks to be very productive but also make more mistakes.

They are missing fumbles only; interceptions are there, and agreed that he has the most of any QB. Of course, he's also thrown more passes than most as well, but his percentage interceptions is slightly higher than most other starting QBs (no surprise that all three Winnipeg QBs have higher percentages than him). As for Burris's fumbles, four of his eight were in one game against a team who are the best in the league at forcing fumbles. Take away those four and how does he compare?

Its hard to say you can eliminate those 4 but if you did that would put him at 4 right around everyone else. Ray has 6 and has played almost 3 less games than Burris and the you have a group of qb's with 3 fumbles Lulay, Pierce, Jyles and Durant with the last 3 all playing a lot less games as well.

As for interceptions that is taken into affect for the qb rating and he is 4.3 points better than the next starter and thats Calvillo.

Agreed that it’s not really fair to eliminate that one game, unless there were an injury involved (not likely). But his highest-in-the-league ranking is really only because of that one game, and isn’t everyone allowed one bad game? Of course, most players would get pulled if they’re having a bad game. But Cortez doesn’t do that with Burris for some bizarre reason.

He was still in the game because even with all that we only lost by 7 points and he was throwing the ball alright 17 / 25 368 yards passing 2 tds 0 ints.

Top Qbs with their team's defensive rankings

BURRIS, last
LULAY, 1st
GLENN, 3rd

If you take away those 4, because the team he was playing was the best at forcing fumbles, shouldn't you also have to do that for the other teams who had fumbles forced while playing that same team. Not saying that it would change much, I just hate when people say take away X and see how he compares, without taking that same X away from the other guys.

I saw some Rider fans saying that about Fantuz when he had a big 200 yard game in his 1000 yard season where he led the league, and people would say well take away that 200 yard game and see where he ranks then. I mean yeah, 200 yards in a game is huge, and not a normal thing, but he earned that, that is what stats are. Burris fumbled those balls because at least for that game, he wasn't protecting the ball, you can't say the other team was trying harder against him than they do against any other team.

Agreed. People were saying similar things about Walker's big runs as well, although there may be some merit in that. Not sure how many fumbles the other QBs have had against Winnipeg; probably a couple but not as many as Burris. But is there not some merit to allowing for a player to have an anomalous bad game?

Sure there is, but only if you allow the same thing to all other starting QBs. How about eliminating the best and the worst game for each QB, see where you end up? Not sure it would be all that different than the current stats indicate. I'm not doing the math on that. So I'll stick with the stats for every game played. Burris has played well, has good stats, except for his fumbles, which aren't included in the QB rating for some reason, but which do impair his performance overall in my view anyway.

Is he the best QB in the league right now? I'm not sure. I think if I were offered AC or Lulay for Smilin' Hank in a straight up trade, I'd jump at it.

AC, probably not, as I don’t know how he would do with our o-line. Lulay? Where does Obie sign?

BTW, I put that loss in Winnipeg mostly on Burris for lack of ball control. Can’t say that about all of the losses. Some, but not all.

I'd agree with that. Burris is having a good year! If you had a defense, it would be scary. But I do not think he is the top QB in the league, and I would defiantly rate a bunch at higher trade value. Lulay is has a way higher trade value, as he is younger, and better. AC, would be about equal, as he is a better QB, but older and likely only be around another year or so. Tate, would be a lower value, but not by much, as he has shown good upside and is still young. DD would be close to equal, he is very similar to Hank as he will play lights out sometimes, then play like a bum the next game. RR again would be close to his value too.

For QBs this year I would rank them:

  1. AC
  2. Lulay
  3. Burris
  4. Ray
  5. Durant
  6. Glen
  7. Elliot
  8. KJ/Jyles/Buck

how do you rank ray ahead of durant and glenn?