Top 3 running backs of the game

  1. Corey Holmes
  2. Anthony Davis
  3. John Avery

And you know, I noticed that a certain player that the blue team recently acquired was not listed here. And that understandable, as with four carries for seven yards, he averaged fewer than two yards per carry. And perhaps he will not play in the game at IWS for a different reason than one that was mentioned. Such a performance makes one wonder if he will even make the team. :slight_smile:

OK, seriously though, I know that Ranek did not appear to do much with the three carries he had. But with Ranek, Holmes, and Davis, could we have the best depth at running back in thre CFL?

  1. anthony davis
  2. corey holmes
  3. josh ranek

In all honesty, I think Kenton Keith and Robert Edwards have to be on that list. And I hear Winnipeg has a couple of talented running backs. Oh, and there's these couple of guys in Toronto. And I think I remember the name "Troy Davis" was often thrown around as the best running back in the league when he was still wearing black and gold.

We have some great running backs, but we're far from having the top three in the league.

Edit: Sorry, I misread that - We may have the best DEPTH in the league, I agree.

Kinda hard to get many yards after practicing for only 3 days, and has never even heard of the CFL. You might laugh now, but when he runs all over the Cats it wont be so funny!

You think John Avery is the third best? :? he garbage last year he might of been the worst starting running back.

I find it goofy to write off Ricky Williams after only 4 carries in a meaningless game, remember Josh Ranek didn't fair much better, I don't see anyone writing him off.

  1. Ricky
  2. Edwards
  3. Reynolds

As the thread title indicates, it refers to the best 3 RBs of last Monday's game.

oh sh*it sory lol i didnt see that. now avery makes scence.

I'll now go with :oops:

  1. Holmes
  2. Davis
  3. Crouch (the guy is runningback not a q.b, anyone that chooses to go to Nebraska knows there's no chance they'll ever make it in pro-football as a q.b)