Top 3 Pending FAs on Every West Team

TORONTO — To rise (or to stay) on top you have to find a way to retain the best.

That’s exactly what teams are doing as they prepare for the opening of the free agency period on February 13, 2024.

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The ‘Most Valuable Pending FA’s’? From a GM’s standpoint I guess it depends on what position he’s trying to fill.

We’re gonna lose Dru Brown and Deep Threat Dalton… possibly Brady O… maybe Jackson Jeffcoat. We have a big expensive list of talent up for grabs that we can’t afford to re-sign unless they’ll take I.O.U’s.

Right now our noses are pressed up against the window. I hope that Kyle Walters and Danny Mac can beat the bushes like they do every year and find the talent we’ll need. It’s gonna get scary here in Bomber Town. :grimacing:


I don’t see them losing Oliveira. He has said he wants to get paid even if it means moving elsewhere - but he prefers to stay in Wpg. The Bombers can ill afford not to pay him. Which likely means Schoen is out of town. The good news is they have 2 top receivers in Lawler & Demski. Three top end pricey receivers is way too much to pay for half of a receiving corps.

At this point I’m not as down on the Bombers as you are. If they are serious about turning over half a dozen of the older veterans on the roster that’s a good thing. If O’Shea, who seems stuck on the old guys, convinces much of the old crowd to come back - well, you delay it another year & the GC is in the 'Peg next year. And how has that worked out for them the last 2 years?

I’m pretty certain in my mind that Bryant is retiring. He’s not the Bryant of a couple of years ago but would be very hard to replace. There are a couple of good LT’s available but they’re pricey & I’d be surprised if their teams don’t get them signed. Despite his age, he’s as important as a Schoen because there’s not much behind him IMO. Whereas WR is still a strength with or without Schoen.

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BC - Hatcher is likely gone for most of the season - didn’t he suffer an achilles tear? BC will likely treat him the same as Richardson who has been on the injury list for 2 seasons now & was re-signed earlier this year. Does another team want to pay him for sitting on the shelf all year?

Edm - All good choices. IMO the biggest thing for the Elks is to sign someone not eligible for this list - Tre Ford. Job 1 should be getting an extension done for Ford. They can afford to wait on this & see how the 1st half of the season plays out but I expect him to grow into the role next season.

Are the Roughriders now so in the dumps that the CFL can’t be bothered to spell the team’s home province correctly on these articles?


Just because Saskatchewan is a long word doesn’t mean it’s hard to spell. I can spell it without looking it up and I’m not Canadian.

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Hmmm, let’s see now. You’re a Blue Bomber Fan and you can spell Saskatchewan. Maybe you’re TOO perfect. How do we know you’re not a bot?

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I have plenty of flaws. Just ask my brothers, but I’m fairly good at hiding them from most strangers.

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This perfectly describes how I feel about FA

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Ah, then perhaps I should take this moment to draw upon my pretend Ancient Chinese Wisdom to turn your unfortunate reality into a Wise Proverb (ahem):

“It is better to have flaws than fleas.”

I hope that this makes your life more tolerable. Please deposit twenty five cents into the coin slot. :beaver:

I keep trying, but your coin slot won’t accept my U.S. quarters! I went to my credit union to see if they had any Canadian quarters, but no luck.
The best I can do is silently thank you every time I put a quarter in a washer or dryer. That way you will get more thankyous than you will ever know.

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