Top 3 of the 4 leading passers missed the playoffs !!

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  1. Ray, R TOR 4,595
  2. Glenn, K BC 3,918
  3. Willy, D WPG 3,769
  4. Burris, H OTT 3,728

that's nice

You need offense to score, but defense wins championships.

That is strange. Perhaps the first time ever.

One explanation is all the injuries to starting QBs this year. Everyone but Old Man Burris missed at least one start - and the further down the list you get, the more games they missed. (Other than Crompton, who missed games because he hadn't yet become the starter.)

One might conclude that teams who could lose their starting QB for a while but still win games, must have great depth at the position. However, teams like Hamilton, Sask, and even Edmonton, I believe, fared poorly with their backups in.

on the other hand, none of those 3 are in the top 4 for yards per completion.

More of a fluke thing than anything.

Toronto had a ton of injuries and the defense was gutted in the off season, losing two of its best players to the NFL and the exodus to Edmonton

Ottawa is an expansion team.

Winnipeg is an expansion team :lol:

A team may get a lot of passing yards for two very different reasons.

One is that they are dominating the game and scoring at will.

Another is that they have fallen behind early and abandoned the running game.

I think A.C. still holds the Ticat record for most completions in a game...a game we lost.

And a couple of years ago Burris led the league in passing, but the TIcats missed the playoffs. Why? Because we had a terrible defence, and a HC who believed that if you lose a game 45-40 then that means you're not scoring enough.

Why is Glenn on this list?? Last I read he will be starting QB for the Lions when they go up against the Als next Sunday.

Um - that would be because he is the one out of the four top passers and this thread is about how 3 of the top 4 passers missed the play-offs. He happened to be the one of the four that DID make the playoffs.

Nice summary of the playoff QB situation on

Another interesting stat to got with the one that headlines this thread:

Of the six teams entering the playoff dance, [b]four are led by quarterbacks who have never started a playoff game in their lives. [/b]Two other teams are hoping their former Grey Cup winning quarterbacks are healthy enough to start next week.
Clearly we are witnessing a changing of the guard at QB. When is the last time a CFL playoff season started that did not include Calvillo, Ray or Burris on any of the rosters?

(The answer is 1997)

“Um - that would be because he is the one out of the four top passers and this thread is about how 3 of the top 4 passers missed the play-offs. He happened to be the one of the four that DID make the playoffs.”…… TravelPatB


Thanks TPB. :thup: I’ve no idea why I asked that question! My only defence is that I am still shocked the Lions made the playoffs!

Nah… that’s not the reason. I have no reason. I am fully deserving of the “Um” I’m surprised you didn’t follow it with a " :roll: " I would have been deserving of that too. :oops:

Glenn is also the only QB who led his team to the playoffs, only to see his team actively hoping to replace him with someone else.

Passing isn't everything. Football games are won by a combination of defense, offense and special teams. Top teams have the best running attacks this season. Not unlike Ray in 2014, wasn't Burris the top quarterback in 2012 but Hamilton missed the playoffs?

Passing yards are pretty meaningless. It doesn't matter how far you move the ball if you can't convert those yards into points. The proof is in the fact that of those 4.. 3 of them are the QBs for 3 of the 4 lowest scoring teams.

Also, the 4 that have thrown for the most yards... are also the 4 that have thrown the most INTs. Ray is the only one of those 4 to throw more TDs than INTs. Willy and Burris both threw more INTs than TDs.

Total yards are overrated.

Burris' problem that year was that he played for the wrong team. Only one Tiger-Cat has won the MOP award in the past 35 years. Imagine the praise if an Argo QB ever had a season like this:

  • 5,367 yards, 43 TDs, 18 INTs
  • 5 games with 4 TD passes or more
  • 8 games of 300+ yards, including two for 400+
  • 2 games with a QB rating above 150 (essentially perfect)

His other problem (and the team's) was that the defence was terrible.