Top 3 Jersey's

  1. Hamilton (Gold) of course
  2. Calgary- (Red)
  3. Saskatchewan- (Black)

What’s your top 3?

  1. Hamilton (black)
  2. Hamilton (white)
  3. Hamilton (gold)
  1. hamilton (gold by far)
  2. hamilton (black)
  3. B.C (orange)

1 Hamilton Gold
2 Hamilton Black
3 Edmonton Green

I concur.

What about the Hamilton pants? Do you guys prefer the black or gold and with what shirts.

Personally I like the black pants with the white jersey's Hamilton wore in the pre-season vs. the gold pants they wear with the white jersey now. I think the gold pants would look better with the black jersey's. The gold pant white jersey combo doesn't have enough black in it.

  1. Hamilton (YELLOW)
  2. Winnepeg (Gold)
  3. Edmonton (Green)

As much as I like the current Ticats jerseys... I wish they would re-instate the striped sleeves.

here here. and while their at it get rid of the cartoon logo.

  1. Hamilton (black)
  2. Riders (black)
  3. Hamilton (gold)

I do agree with bringing back the striped sleeves.

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (black)
  2. Montreal Canadiens (red)
  3. Oakland Raiders (Black)

pittsburgh penguins white or black
new england patriots blue
chicago black hawks red

This is absolutely the wrong answer.

Hamilton Black
Hamilton White
Hamilton either colour smeared in red ( blood red )

BC Black
Winnipeg Road white (with navy blue pants)
Montreal black

Why isn't there anything with just an H on it or a mean lookin hammer

1 God aweful
2. Very nice
3. bad

GB Packers green
Pittsburg black
Cleveland white

Chicago red
Toronto blue
Ottawa red

Edmonton green
Calgary red
Edmonton white

1.Hamilton Black
2.Hamilton Gold
3. Hamilton White. :smiley:

I understand the reasoning BG and its tough to argue with.

Amen and the Argos helmet with the Football rowboat