Top 3 Jerseys

1.Tiger- Cats(golden)
2. Stampeders (red)
3. RoughRiders (black)

Whats your top 3?

  1. Stampeders home jersey
  2. Stampeders away jersey
  3. Stampeders third jersey

eskimos home
argos home
riders home

  1. Argos home (gorgeous)
  2. Winnipeg gold
  3. Winipeg home

Fixed that for you :wink:

1 - MTL Blue Alternate jersey
2 - CGY Red
3 - Ottawa Red/Orange Alternate Jersey

ti-cats black jerseys
saskatchewans black jerseys
winnipegs gold jerseys

(in no particular order)

1: Winnipeg home (blue)
2:Winnipeg away
3: Winnipeg alternate (gold)

Winnipeg third (Gold)
BC third (Black/Orange)
Montreal fifth or sixth or seventh (not too sure how many they are on now)

And what are your partisan choices? :wink: :wink: :wink:

BC Third
Calgary Home
Hamilton Home

...I like those choices too Sporty...

Bad very bad! You will only get Arius and Mikethj excited with that one.

This is why polls like this are pointless

Exactly and that was my point in posting that. However, I see red was going to do the same thing. Smart man that Red.

We wouldnt want that to happen now would we

Winnipeg Home (blue)
Hamilton Home (black)
Toronto Home (blue)