Top 3-5 players at each Offensive position

Just an Off season timewaster, feel free to disagree and comment and even submit your own! Here we goo... PS this isn't past accompishments or all time this is going into the 2012 season. No disrespect to the big guys on the Line but I do not know alot about other teams line other than the Riders.


  1. Travis Lulay
  2. Anthony Calvillo
  3. Ricky Ray
  4. Buck Pierce
  5. Darian Durant


  1. Brandon Whitaker
  2. Jon Cornish
  3. Andrew Harris
  4. Cory Boyd
  5. Martell Mallet


  1. Jamall Richardson
  2. Ken Yon Rambo
  3. Chris Williams
  4. Rob Bagg
  5. SJ Green


  1. Geroy Simon
  2. Weston Dressler
  3. Terrence Edwards
  4. Fred Stamps
  5. Arland Bruce

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  1. Travis Lulay
  2. Anthony Calvillo
  3. Ricky Ray
  4. Henry Burris
  5. Buck Pierce
  6. Brandon Whitaker
  7. Jon Cornish
  8. Andrew Harris
  9. Cory Boyd
  10. Martell Mallet


  1. Jamall Richardson
  2. Ken Yon Rambo
  3. Chris Williams
  4. SJ Green
  5. Bakari Grant


  1. Geroy Simon
  2. Dave Stala
  3. Terrence Edwards
  4. Fred Stamps
  5. Arland Bruce

If you are going to keep WRs and SBs separate, please note that Jamel Richardson and SJ Green are both SBs and not WRs.

1 Calvillo - He's still the best mastermind behind center. A total pro and a total leader.
2 Lulay - Ok so maybe I'm giving AC some points for longevity. I have to admit that I expect Lulay to pass him on this list this year or next, but for now he's 2nd.
3 Ray - The man is a surgeon, plain and simple.
4 Durant - I don't give a damn how many people say he had an off year. People who say this look at stat lines and don't actually watch the games. Considering the entire castle crumbling all around him, 2011 was his best year yet. Best in the league? Uhh, no.
5 Burris - Easily the most talented QB in the league. I know he had a poor season, and he also put to rest any doubt that he is in fact a big sucky baby, but he'll have to have another run of mediocrity before he drops off this list. Physically, even in his late 30s he is fine wine. Absolutely sickening talent.
Tate - Shown more than just promise, has shown real ability. It'll just take more than 4 or 5 starts to make the top 5 list.
Pierce - Always been a huge Buck fan. Tremendous heart, will do ANYTHING to make a play for his team. Great QB and one of my all time favorite players to watch. Top 5? Can't do it.
Glenn - Mr no respect. I've always liked the guy.

RB - This is a tough call because technically there are 3 particular dudes currently out of work who I would all put in this top 5. Otherwise ...
1 Whitaker
2 Mallet
3 Cornish
4 Harris
5 Boyd
Not much to choose between most of them. The top 3 are all complete 3-phase backs (run, catch, block). Harris is the most agile of the bunch. Boyd is probably the toughest inside runner, although Mallet is very good too. Don't be surprised to see Mallet move to the top of the list by season's end.

WR/SB - If you can't switch spots from out to in or in to out, you're not a real receiver.
1 Richardson - The complete package: speed, size, hands, vert - everything.
2 Green - as above, pretty much interchangeable but I don't believe in ties in these types of lists.:stuck_out_tongue:
3 Stamps - Incredible athlete, don't let him by, you WILL get burned.
4 Geroy - Still smooth after all these years. Still highly productive even if a few of the younger guys are quicker and have more jump. Probably the smartest receiver in the league right now.
5 Dressler - Deceptive speed, tremendous heart, superb hands.
6 Bowman - Big guy with wheels. I've been so impressed with him the last two seasons now that his hands have come around. No more problems with the dropped passes. Now he's just a force.
7 Williams - Little 80 looks silly in the huddle standing next to huge 60, but you can't argue with his huge numbers and ridiculous highlight reel plays. At first I thought he was pretty lucky, but he just kept on making the plays.
8 Gore - This guy really won me over with his determination. Quick, good hands. Very underrated player.
9 Bruce - i wasn't enamored with his mental game last year, even in Week 19, Lulay still had to curtly usher him over to the other side of the formation a couple of times, but he has always been a vastly underrated playmaker. You need someone to drag a toe in the back of the endzone in the last minute, he's your man. Seriously.
10 Fantuz - Tough to say, he didn't do much last year, but if he has any return to 2010 form whatsoever, he's a no-brainer for this list. Like Geroy, certainly one of the smartest receivers in the league.
Lewis - He's a total punk ass bitch, but he's damn good, and has a complete game, including probably being the best blocking receiver in the league. Maybe he belongs in the top 10 and maybe he's not in it because I can't stand the s.o.b. Suck it, Nik.
Bratton - Often overlooked as AC's no 3 target, but this guy is an excellent player.
Barnes - This is one tough dude. I'm so impressed with the plays that he makes in traffic.
Romby - I like this guy. Team player. Good skill, goes out, catches the ball, does his job. Has some big play ability as well.
Koch - Esks got a good one. From the limited action he got late last year after coming off knee surgery, I liked what I saw. Looked like he was coming back into form. Very consistent and reliable dude. Also seems to rise to the occasion when the stakes are raised.
Stala - Bad joke teller. Good receiver. Excellent hands, strong body. Knack for big plays. Always been a fan, but his attitude is getting more punkass every year. Seriously, keep the water bottle to yourself, he should be in the top 10, but he isn't.
Watson - Majorly lanky dude. Took a little time to get comfortable in the offense last year, but towards the end became more consistent. Definitely a guy to watch because the talent is totally there.
Matt Carter - I was surprised how long he stayed FA. Maybe he was weighing multiple offers. Reminds me of Fantuz a lot. Kind of reminds me of Andrew Grigg and even Howdy-Doody Kelly. This guy could be a real sleeper in the next year or two.

Solid submissions so far keep em going! Feel free to make defense ones as well ! And sorry mad jack on the cfl roster page it had them Down as WRs I believe so I assumed they were, some teams had them split up others did not but both great recievers either way!


  1. Calvillo, A MTL
  2. Lulay, T BC
  3. Pierce, B WPG
  4. Tate, D CGY
  5. Burris, H HAM
  6. Durant, D SSK
  7. Ray, R TOR
  8. Glenn, K CGY
  9. Jyles, S EDM
  10. McPherson, A MTL


  1. Whitaker, B MTL
  2. Boyd, C TOR
  3. Martell, M HAM
  4. Cornish, J CGY
  5. Garrett, C WPG
  6. Cobourne, A FA
  7. Brown, T BC
  8. Reid, F FA
  9. Reynolds, J FA
  10. Charles, H EDM


  1. Richardson, J MTL
  2. Simon G, BC
  3. Lewis, N CGY
  4. Green S, MTL
  5. Stamps, F EDM
  6. Bowman, A EDM
  7. Fantuz, A HAM
  8. Edwards, T WPG
  9. Dressler, W SSK
  10. Getzlaf, C SSK
  11. Williams, C HAM
  12. Bruce, A BC
  13. Barnes, J EDM
  14. Owens, C TOR
  15. Stala, D HAM


tough to say here.

it really isn't so cut and dry.

QB's can perform different under a new offense.

just look at Kerry Joseph when he went from Saskatchewan to Toronto..

Yup. Chad Owens numbers were average, but I ranked him higher because he plays for Toronto…

Andre Durie is a much better receiver than Owens. As is Jason Barnes. Owens has no concept of how to run pass routes and his hands are terrible.

I believe Chad Owens ability is his position as Total Yards Offense. I don't see him as as one of the better receivers in the league ( certainly not the one to 10 position) but with his punt/kick returning status, his pass catching and, his desire and ability to continue play after a hard hit I would have given him the MVP in 2011.He was a one man gang for Toronto!

I will disagree with your WR rankings, I believe Dressler and Getzlaf are more consistant and explosive recievers than Bowman, bowman really only picked it up this season where as Getz and Dreasler have been consistant each of their last couple of seasons

just because Bowman has 1 season where he actually managed to performance consistently and not be mr. dropsy and his attitude was better. this doesn't mean he's #6.

look at how many teams he went through before he actually did something?

Keep in mind:

Regardless how Bowman did before joining the Esks, you can't deny he had a terrific season. Of course, whether he keeps it up or not remains to be seen, and I, myself, would have put Dressler above him, but this is just an analysis heading into next season.

It was interesting to see Reynolds and Cobourne at mid level rankings. These are still a football force yet, it does not appear they will play this year-unless team injuries happen.

I'm just doing top-three, except for receiver.

Quarterback: Calvillo, Lulay, Ray
Running back: Whitaker, Cornish, Cobourne & Boyd (tie)
Receiver: Richardson, Simon, Lewis, Bruce, Stamps

Oh if they were on a roster I'd probably have them 1-2. I'd have Cates probably at 5 as well. They are all complete 3-skill backs, which is the only thing that really matters when the talent league wide is so close.

He's coming off a terrific year and was also quite strong for most of 2010. All that I am saying is that RIGHT NOW, if I were GM and he were FA, I'd go hard for him. He is a tremendous force and extremely underrated. Yes, I have him #6, definitely top 10. No question in my mind. That's my opinion.