Top 2023 NCAA SR QB’s

Even with the potential loss of QB’s to FA this offseason, it’s been a special year for NCAA College Football :football: concerning QB’s

From the D2 level which NFL almost never drafts talent from, there are 5 SR QB’s with 66% completion % or better and 2K+ yards. Those stats are based on a 9 game regular season for that level of play


Up until about a decade ago I was more into the NFL Draft and tracking prospects.

CBS and the NFL have good resources on their sites as the NFL Draft approaches.

I'm not so sure the NFL Draft is nearly as big an event as it was circa 2010 but for wherever they hold it, and there unless you live within walking distance, I don't know what draws people to the actual event instead of all the other entertainment options out there.

I also never got into mock drafts or understood why a lot of guys do them for weeks on end.

For what it's worth for those of you more interested in tracking the action by position, here are a few resources.

Via the top two links, start at about #20 for QB and work down from there.

It's even more complicated now though as we discuss in the last link below, for now the XFL and USFL are going after the very same prospects otherwise not going to be signed by the NFL or who will be cut from camp because they are camp bodies anyway.

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