Top 20 Canadian pending free agents

With Free Agency just a few weeks away, there’s plenty of talent holding expiring contracts.

Among those that could hit the open market on February 8 are a plethora of Canadians that any general manager would be ecstatic to have on their roster.

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Harris is only #3? I'm not his biggest fan & no disrespect to Mark & Sean but I can't see how he isn't #1. We could use him back here on the coast. Andrew???

I think age, injury status, and $$$ could be used to justify him down a few places. If I were a GM, I'd be wary about paying much for Harris at this point in his career.

So you say that you don't like listing kickers then precede to list Paredes (who re-signed today ) and Whyte but somehow leave Brett Lauther off of the list ?


Unless he's planning to retire soon I think he still has plenty of rocket sauce left in the bottle, enough to keep people interested I'm sure. An off year won't help for the $$$ side of things, as you say.

Bang on. Lauther should be there. As for Harris, the Bombers have already stated it'd be difficult to keep 3 National RB's. They signed Borsa, another Cdn RB, & Oliveira & Augustine are also free agents. IMO the writing's on the wall.

Getting caught and suspended for using rocket sauce would be another concern if I were a GM considering acquiring Harris.



Last mentioned, Winnipeg is engaged in signing Harris as well as keeping Borsa at $68,000. Likely loose either Olive oil or Not August Night.......or will they? Muh-Ha-Ha

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I know he's gotta look after himself, but it would be nice to see him finish his career (and set some alltime records) as a Blue Bomber. Again, nothing but respect for what he's brought to this club.


Erlington-Thomas better than Muamba, Judge, Boateng, Cottoy? Those guys are all difference makers, ratio busters too. I'm surprised to see him in the top 10, let alone #2. Maybe it's me - I don't see it. I would have still had Laurent there but can see why not. He's 34 but big loss in the GC game. Where's O'Donnell? CFLPA All-star & wasn't he in top 30 CFL free agents? Should be here IMO. Other than #2 & O'Donnell not there somewhere can't argue much with the rankings.

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Gotta agree with you on Erlington-Thomas. He strikes fear into the hearts of exactly no defenses.

I too, agree with Capital_Dave, for all the reasons he gave. Its a battle out there in that position and he may even be leaning towards retirement, on a high note. However, wouldn't put it past him coming back and having another fantastic season. Think in the Blue Bombers case, they have two young running backs (Canadians) that I'd like to see get more playing time this year.

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Yeah I was surprised to see Thomas-Erlington that high. He was great for helping out Donny get some rest on the run. With Papi White being soo versatile, I dunno unless its having that ratio flexibility I could see him somewhere else.