Top 15 draft prospects

I seem to remember someone here asking for information about draft prospects. Here's a bit about the top 15 from TSN's website.

Unfortunately, they still haven't released the date of the draft... but then, we're still kind of early.

Very strange rankings this year, how a guy like Vaugh Martin is not a top 15 prospect for the draft is bizarre. I would not put a lot of stock in those rankings. Another would be Anthony Woodson.

Vaughn Martin is not eligible for the 2010 - he will be a part of the 2011 draft class.

Shomari Williams is a beast. Somebody's going to be really happy with him!
Also interestingly, there's a lot of Torontonians in the top 15. So even southern Ontario is producing top end talent.

last time i counted....there;s also a lot of draft pics going to the Argos, in 2010, ....unless they trade them away...some could be playing close to home.. :roll:

Yeah, especially since the CIS scouting order never conforms to the actual selection order.

All of the OTs, were in an American school as well as 1 of the three defensive lineman. This list would suggest that Canadians playing for US teams tend to be lineman . Does this indicate that American schools recruiting in Canada tend to pick offensive lineman [ Both Calgary and Montreal have several Canadian offensive lineman who were from American schools ]. Are Canadians not recruited, by the Americans, from positions that require greater skills- like QB, cornerback, running back etc. Are we only importing to the USA the large beefy guys who have only blocking skill vs those players who have speed, agility and actual ball handling skill; receivers, QBs, linebackers, defensive backs.

I always look at the canadian DBs that are available in the draft as they seem to be a true rarity in the CFL other than safteys. I dont think I would be able to name a single canadian HB since I started really following the CFL and only 1 canadian corner (Sanchez) so Taurean Allen is someone I would definitely keep my eye on him. Another guy that looks interesting is Akeem Foster as he is a really big target and as long as he has the drive he will be able to out jump and out reach a lot of DBs making him a frustrating guy to cover.

Im also quite impressed with the number of players coming out of Quebec just as a matter of local pride