top 11 reasons why BC lost

  1. BC was never intended to allow to be in the grey cup to defend.
  2. 5 turnovers
  3. 7 sacs
  4. a very quite stadium
  5. to many Saskatchewan fans at the game
  6. Jimenez not allowed to play dirty
  7. BC keeps get procedure calls in their own park
  8. BC Lions the worst team of the day
  9. Fans leaving en mass in Section 34 before 3 minute warning.
  10. Saskatchewan was a much better team
  11. Souperman couldn't get it done with the exception of crying.

Hopefully smurf and meow cat meow will be in soon.

Reason number one - I bet big time on them.

Ouch. Always a good way to make your team lose. At least it often seems that way.

Footballyoubet- when the lions had trouble beating Hamilton at BC Place earlier in the season I knew the Riders or whomever would have a good chance to win in the Western Final in Vancouver. The quarterback situation all year was a mess cuz of injuries and Jarius looked like a rookie at the start. After DD came in and stalled - Wally should have changed gears agains and put a qb who could run back in as it became obvious that DD would not have the time to throw. Besides his height as a drop back passer hurts his vision too.

I assume you werent at the game WAS loud man! Very proud to see BC Place packed as the only other game Ive attended there was 12 yrs ago with about 6500 faithful. Cudos Leos fans, your catching up, dont stop now!


We should let RLR back just for today...

News flash…he’s back already…

Lions choked plain and simple. There is no excuses for them. They played horrible and didn't deserve to be in the Grey Cup. Congratulations to Sask.

The reason the Lions lost today... they were outplayed.

I honestly believe BC lost the game when Buono made the QB change. Dickenson looked dopey and slow out there. After the game he was sacked another 6 times by the felions as he stumbled off the field. Buck Pierce would have been the better choice. The Lions did pretty good this year when you consider they didn't really ever have a full-time QB.

Hope someone took all the sharp pencils out of his room…

  1. the unforced variety are the killers.
  2. very quiet my ass. 4 procedures to show for it.
  3. there were a number of em, mostly up high and in corners, but no where near the orange content. From my vantage point I could see the Lions side of the field upper and lower bowl and finding green in that area was like playing wheres waldo.
  4. What are you talking about? Lions got maybe 1 or 2 i believe. Sask had at least 4....want to know why? because your point# 4 is utter BS.
  5. neither team played that great of a game unfortunately.
  6. That tends to happen when 55000 people are in one area and they try to get a leg up on the other people to get out of there to fight the 20000 going to the Nucks game. I stayed right to the end but there were Sask fans also leaving early so whats yer point? people tend to do that...guess they have somewhere to be. I know some had Nucks jerseys under their lions jerseys so maybe some were heading to the next game. I dunno.
  7. see 8. Sask played better but it wasnt anything like last years WF. Lions were still in it until almost the very end.
  8. uh ok the game went on it got almost mouse like in there. Even with the field mikes turned on it didn't sound as loud. And you could sense the crowd noise changing when Jimenez got called for holding in the fourth.