Top-10: Ticats TV

Love the Top-10 features but...

...why can't the person(s) piecing these segments together use Rick Zamperin's radio play-by-play in way of Jason Farr's PA announcing in the audio?

This is considering the fan consensus of how annoying Farr is.

the top 10 catches were pathetic

almost every1 of them were just a little over average if not average

the top 10 runs was pretty cool though

if these were the best plays from last year our team was alot worse than i thought they were. both the catches and the runs werent very good. I do like the idea though

I heard Farr's voice on the first one, and shut it off.

Can't wait for Chris Bauman's "Top 10 Drops."


Anyways For those who miss Farr's voice

Here one for ya sackackackackack

How about this one Jesse Stumbling bumbling Lumsden.


and isnt it rumblin tumblin lumsden?

Yeah Farr has got to start being a PA announcer and stop being a random circus act. Was there any training for this when he was picked up? I mean Toronto’s guy has a bit of a goofy voice but he gives standard announcements for each play and did a great job at Grey Cup. Farr doesn’t end up telling us anything.

they should do a top 10 dumb penalties of the year video, that would be awesome.