Top 10 Team cheers on TSN...

Don't know if anyone saw it, but they were counting down the top 10 team cheers on TSN this morning.

The Oskee-Wee-Wee was number 3 on the list...

What two cheers beat us, BHG?

Montreal has best Team in Country For Cheeleaders
Followed by The Argos then BC then Us.

The Jets J-E-T-S Jets cheer led by some guy and the Montreal Canadiens Nah-Nah-Goodbye chant beat us.

Your kidding right?
Argos cheerleaders are the absolute worst ever.

"hey hey hey goodbye" is not a Montreal specific cheer. To be honest its pathetic that this was number 1 on their top 10, and the Habs singing their Ole song was number 6. Shows you the hockey society we live in when a generic song sung at practically all playoff games in all sports gets labelled a "Montreal Cheer"

I agree that’s pretty weak… hockey cheers are lame…

It was nice to see our Oski wee wee in the top 3.

I thought the Habs Hey Hey Goodbye was also a little lame to be the number one, but I didn't lose any sleep over the TSN top 10 list.

You definately know where the list comes from when you see what made the top 10. That list would be a joke if you lived in the US or Europe.

Pretty much every US college has a fight song / cheer, and none made the top ten. They had the Man U cheer on the list, but I know that there are a ton of cheers by different soccer/football clubs that are pretty amazing. It is pretty cool to hear 50,000 plus spectators doing a cheer in unison. Of course when it comes to soccer what else are the fans going to do, its not like much is happening most of the time, might as well drink and make up songs.


Re cheers…

Oskie Wee Wee… multi-part cheer for intelligent (goes without saying) Tiger Cat fans (also serves as a sobriety test)

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgooooooooooooooooos… 2 syllable cheer is all an Argo fan can handle :slight_smile:

Wait, Manchester United fans cheering o.o

Whenever I went to see my team play at Old Trafford (Rotherham United FC if anyone is intersted, UP THE MILLERS :rockin: ) our small travelling band of 500 supporters made more noise than the 70,000 prawn sandwich bragade!