Top 10+ Salaries at each position
#3 Beard, #4 Joel Figueroa, #10 Revenberg
BO #2
Butler #4 and STE #10
Tunde #1, Leonard #15
Tim White #5, Duke Williams #8, Addison #16
Wynn #3, Sales #4, Davis #12
Thurman #6, Edwards #5 (Strongside)


Dunbar Jr


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And further down the list the Acklin bargain stands out.


Massive blunder. Don’t care what anyone says.


I did the numbers-no.players and $dollars- for the top 2023 paid players by positions and teams.

These calculations were based on “Hard Money” and I have EXCLUDED bonuses paid in 2022 for 2023 salaries.

The Tiger-Cats dollars are, by far, the highest amongst the 9 CFL teams.

The total numbers for the CFL teams are:

Number of players: 149.
“Hard Money” numbers: $21,913,800.
Average “hard money”: $147,402.
% of max. cap: 44.2%

The Tiger-Cats numbers are:

Number of players: 18.
Hard Money" numbers: $3,105,800
Average “hard money”: $172,544.
% of max. cap: 56.4%

When we compare the Tiger-Cats numbers with the 8 other teams, we have:

Numbers of players: Tiger-Cats: 18. Other 8 teams:131.

“Hard Money” numbers: Tiger-Cats: $3,105,800. Other 8 teams: $44,080,000.

Average “hard money” numbers: Tiger-Cats; $172,544. Other 8 teams: $143,573.

% of max. cap: Tiger-Cats: 56.4%. Other 8 teams: 42.7%

The Tiger-Cats will pay their top players $28,971. more than the other 8 teams, in “hard money” alone.

If we compare Hamilton and Winnipeg:

The 2023 hard money for Bo Levi Mitchell is $502,000.

The 2023 hard money for Zach Collaros, Willie Jefferson and Brady Oliviera amounts to $500,000.

Hamilton has committed 56.4% of their max. cap on 18 players. Taking into account provisions for players on 1 game injury list and practice roster, there will be a balance of roughly $1,900,000. for 27 players or an average of $70,370. for each remaining players.

As has been written before on the Tiger-Cats site, some of their top players will either be released or transferred on 6 game injury list.

Teams such as Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, BC, Ottawa and Saskatchewan have paid large bonuses in 2022, for 2023, and it enables them to pay top dollars to some players, in 2023, and remain within the max. cap.

I know that it’s only the end of April, so it’s not time to panic regarding salaries that may exceed the max. cap presently; only the 2023 final numbers will count.



I was going to congratulate you on the analysis until I got to the above line.

Collaros alone will earn $600k. This sentence from the 3DN piece on QBs is ambiguous on his bonus (i.e. poorly written), but I read it as applying to the 2023 cap.

Collaros had a $300,000 signing bonus allocated for this year to sign a three-year extension with Winnipeg in October 2022.

And Weinke is a steal.


I’ve read it the same way, it’s against the 23 cap.

The bonus was paid in 2022; yes, it’s for 2023 but paid in 2022.


I think it was a 2023 bonus that was finalized in 2022, but against the 23 cap. That would still put his 2023 hard money at $600k. When it was signed vs when it’s payable are the deciding factor.

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