Top 10 Ricky Williams Excuses

Thought you said he’d only be “average”?

:) The Vampiro says that Ricky Willimas is a deadly weapon for the Argos and the TiCats better get some D help from the NFL if they want to compete. Fear the Spear ! ! ! :thdn:


Please don't take too seriously most of the banter you see in these forums. I hope you enjoy Canadian football. People have sent you links to the rules, and to a summary comparison of the game to the US version. CFL ball tends to be faster (because of the 20 second clock, fewer timeouts), more pass-oriented, more wide-open in style (because of features such as the 50% bigger field and unlimited backfield motion), and a bit higher scoring. The Grey Cup has been played for since 1909, so it has a long heritage. Personally, I much prefer it to American football, I find it more entertaining, and there can be some wild finishes with a rouge (single point) deciding it.

Some people here in these forums are pretty critical and tough sometimes. It's too bad, but it seems you need a thick skin sometimes. I don't like it when people get personally insulting toward others.

It seems you can dish it out at least as well as you receive, so I'm sure you'll be able to withstand the occasional barrage.

Welcome to the site, to the Tiger-Cats, and to the CFL.


Ricky really strikes me as a personable person and player,,,,and.........
he'll be baaaaack and better during the season!!

Tigers Eat Em Raw!

Odd that a website and team that claims to promote family values to a point that the word suc*s is not allowed has let this post ride for a day.

  1. He always does his best runs on 4th down.

With the Argos in town this week, I think it’s a good time to revisit this list (as promised). Ricky will not be back until the season is past the halfway point, and I think there can be little disagreement that his results to date have been disappointing by just about any measure.

Going back to the original Top 10 list and subsequent additions, I believe the following excuses are currently the front-runners (in order of importance):

11. The Argos offensive line was incapable of opening holes for Ricky.

Probably the most commonly cited reason for his lack of production. Hard to argue against it.

3. The CFL is a pass-happy league, and the Argos couldn’t adjust their game plan to take advantage of Ricky’s greatness

Couldn’t, wouldn’t - no real difference. Offensive coordinator just lost his job over unwillingness or inability to run the ball.

9. He couldn’t excel when forced to use the CFL’s inferior equipment/playing surfaces/training staff

Darkhorse candidate. I only saw one reference to this, but Ricky did break his arm on the hard playing surface in Regina.

Finally, I restate my own original suggestion of the real reason:

Note: the real reason, of course, would be that the discrepancy in talent between the two leagues is not as vast as some believe it to be, and that one man does not a football team make.
Hopefully I will be able to revisit this topic at least once more. There is no indication to date that Mr. Williams' future performance will require me to eat my words.

I've forgotten which number the excuse was, but George Reed, Mike Pringle and such truly great running backs are/were in fact Americans, and RW may not be doing as well because The Argo's didn't want to run the ball under Austin, their Line is suspect for running, and everyone and his cat was teeing up on hiting him.

On the other hand, tough luck Ricky! I really didn't like how you got foisted on this League, and welcome to "Reality"...evene if "Reality" is a mere crutch for those of us NOT on mind altering drugs...

Quite the subliminal.

CFL is not partial to RW’s zig zag running style.

My number one reason…

1. It’s not like he could play the Tigercats EVERY week. :twisted: