Top 10 Reasons to Love Ivor Wynne Stadium

Been saving this idea for a while.

Top 10 Reasons to Love Ivor Wynne Stadium

10) There’s more history in those walls and on that field than any still-active sports venue in Canada.

9) Players need not speculate about what fans think of them. We’ll bloody well tell them what we think of them, and we’re close enough that they will hear it. (And that’s just the home team. Visitors get a whole other level of love.)

8) Although safe for the most part, Argo fans still need to display proper manners if they want to ensure a "positive game-day experience" for themselves.

7) It’s fully integrated into the city, and vice-versa. From the south stands you can see factories belching fire and smoke. From the north stands you can see the escarpment. And in all directions is residential neighbourhood. A stadium of the people and for the people.

6) Survival of the fittest is rigidly enforced: players can’t just run out of bounds at full-speed without carefully plotting their trajectory to avoid becoming embedded in a brick wall.

5) Ivor Wynne was designed before the luxury box era. If you want to watch a Ticat game, you’re sitting with the masses, no matter how much money you have. In fact, if you pay the top price, they’ll put you right on the field where you just might get crunched by a sideline play. And the “Platinum Lounge? is a section of pavement with temporary fencing around it.

4) On game day the neighbourhood kids can rake in $10-to-$20 per car using nothing more than a handwritten cardboard sign. Sure beats a lemonade stand.

3) Where else can you see thousands of fans showing up to a game carrying their own seats?

2) A guy celebrating a touchdown can kick a football out of the stadium and have a reasonable chance of hitting someone’s front porch.

1) The best damn sightlines in football!

Please feel free to add your own.

Great post. In fact, maybe I should nominate it for Post of the Year.

I can't think of any I can add on my own, not off the top of my head, anyway. I think you may have said it all.

The feel of it, just a great feel. Great post for sure ExPat as BYF says. :thup:

A very good list of reasons to love Ivor Wynne Stadium. Well written ExPat.

All I would add to the list is the social aspect of the games. I sat in the same seats for well over 20 years and it seemed everyone else did too. I knew everyone around me and it was always a pleasure to chat with the fans. It always made going to the games an enjoyable experience whether the team won or lost.