Top 10 Reasons to be glad Winnipeg lost

This won't be my classiest post ever, but here it goes (in random order, except for #1):

  1. They knocked us out of the playoffs.

  2. Doug Brown has always seemed to be a little full of himself.

  3. Going from 4-14 to Grey Cup Champs would have been too much, too soon. Even our '97-'98 turnaround (which was wayy more impressive, BTW) ended in a GC loss.

  4. The Grey Cup is supposed to be exciting - and not just in the last 5 minutes of the game. (At least our offence had the cold weather as an excuse the week before.)

  5. Winnipeg shouldn't really be representing the "East" anyway, and I think deep down, they know that.

  6. It's fun to watch a guy like Mayor Odell Willis beak off all week and then miss such a golden opportunity to help his team.

  7. For whatever reason, LaPolice would be last on my list of "CFL head coaches I'd like to have a beer with." (Or maybe 7th, just ahead of Trestman, who's a bit of a stiff.) I think it's got something to do with the look on his face.

  8. If Winnipeg had won, then the longest Grey Cup drought would belong to us.

  9. We can now say we're the only team that never lost to the Grey Cup champs all season.

1. "Swaggerville." That alone is reason enough to hate the Bombers. First win something of consequence, then give your defence a name (if you absolutely must).

I see nothing "unclassy" about this thread and think it's hilarious.

If I had to add to that list I'd add that #0 Sears is also a dirty jerk and probably that Jovon Johnson ripped off Hickman as defensive player from the east :lol:

Oh yeah and Mrs. LaPolice has nothing to Tweet about

LOL great post ExPat


Regarding the "Swaggerville" label, the Bombers (i mean, Willis) coined that when they were 7-1. The lesson - dont call your team "Swaggerville" until you are something like 11-8 at the end of October. After game #8 is too soon.

A definite case of "premature elation!"

Now this is an elite thread! :thup:

Yes, after that late hit by Sears on Williams and his helmet-to-helmet hit on Jyles, Sears' number is equal to the amount of respect I have for him.

And here's another: Alex Suber. Maybe after he saw Fooley get away with taunting AB3 in the 2010 EDSF game, he thought he could do that as well. But I was happy to see AB3 get the last laughs as he got to do his pose after a TD, and more importantly, got the Grey Cup win.

And another: Bomber fans who troll here. They were here last week, but it's interesting how we haven't heard as much from them since yesterday.

Is there a pill for that? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree the sawggerville name was the biggest reason to hate on them. As I told them on the Bomber board.. It's an embarrassingly tacky and cliche name.

Yep I had almost forgotten about Suber.

It is rather quiet on the blue front around here lol

It does seem that all the trolls have gone back to hide under their bridges. Only one pegger , ShortyCFL, has shown his face here since the beginning of the GC game, with a little tongue-in-cheek comment ("We're #2!" Well, no argument here. :wink: ). The rest have just proven that they are indeed trolls.

(I certainly hope none of us has gone onto their forum to gloat at their loss. That would just give them ammo for next year.)

Uhmm... :oops: I :oops: ....

But Nick started it!!

:lol: :oops: :? 8)

All I said was... and I quote "ahahahahahaha, that is all"

Shame. :o Too bad you didn't include one or two of their boasts from our forum in your post. Oh well. Next year....