10 Didn't have a calculator to figure out the time difference
9 The Pontiac broke down
8 Tillman is a garden tool
7 The Riders smoked some BC Bud
6 The new hog slaughtering house is scheduled to open
5 Someone misplaced the Ben Gay
4 Lost in the wheatfield
3 Had Theresa Sokyrka tickets
2 Prairie burn
1 "It's tooooooo hot/noisy/rough" in BC (waaaa)

So where is your sense of humor? Sounds more uptight than funny. Ah, maybe fearfull of losing to the Riders. Don't worry be happy. :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

a little lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Will Rule
Lions Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. How many leos qb's will it take to finish the game???????????

I'll go with all 3, JJ pulled in the 2nd qt, Buck rag-dolled in the 3rd and DD throws 2 picks in the fourth. High five Deb, cmon high five. And then once the Riders are up by 20 we can rest our starters. That's why Kerry is the @##^#$ MOP.

Not as good as some of the zingers that Oilrocker and Turkey laid out for you guys, but a couple of good ones.
I particularly liked "Tillman is a garden tool", though while funny, I am unsure why that would keep anyone from the game.
And of course if we had a new hogplant opening Sunday, no way would I miss that, so what is your point....?
#10 is a good one though. And the shot at Teresa.
I'll give you an "E" for effort.
And point out that unlike some of your fellows, I am in no way offended by the attempt.

By far the most brutal of the Top Tens...

That doesnt even seem funny. Im not offended or anything, but that was just brutally not funny. You would have been better off to have not said anything - at all.

Hmm. These look familiar. Didn't you post these in another topic? Rehashing the same material, eh?

Now that's hilarious! :lol:

Did I expect you guys to find it funny?....hell no.

Do I care if you do?....hell no.

Do I find it funny?...why yes, I do.

Did I have fun doing it?...well yes, I did.

NEWSFLASH: I didn't find the one on BC funny.

Am I "angry"?...hell no. I don't give a rat's ass what Saskatchewan hicks think of me. Or my team. Life will go on for me, despite not having your approval on things. :slight_smile:

Do you have any interest in what 99.99999999% of the population of SK thinks? Seeing as how you don't care about the .00000001% of the people who are hicks, I was just wondering about the rest. :slight_smile:

wow, what a comeback, you're obviously one for the hicks side.

...well, that went from smack to trash in 0.06 seconds...juvenile...

Couldn't have said it better, Red...

Nice Top 10, deb.

Love the top 10 Deb.

Nice top 10...I cant wait for the appology letter.


:lol: :lol: You tell them Debra!

Debra You wouldnt happen to be married to swervinmervin would you? Or perhaps his other personality and "by george hyuck I just loves watchin those ruffriders playst on the teleeevisin but I still dont knows why they call em Green and White they still look grey and darker grey to me maybe thats just the CBC and they are brodcastins"

:( That was lame. It would more funnier if their wasn't so much hatred behind your sence of humour.

why, because you didn't write it?

And I'm glad you can detect "hatred" through text...amazing. Too bad your spelling/grammar isn't. I need you to explain, from that post, how you got "hatred" out of it. Don't jump on the "Deb is nasty" bandwagon, think for yourself. How is my post any different than yours was?

Bet you won't have a concrete, sensible answer for this.

FTR, I'm a fun loving, happy, easy going, laid back person. If some here decipher things differently or think they "know" me, they're wrong. You see, because you "say" it's so doesn't make it so.

There's no hatred...I just stand up for myself and don't back up to the mob mentality here. I kind of thrive on it, so bring it on.

...the same could be said for your attitude.