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This should get things fired up for the game tonight.

funny read.
thanks for sharing.

Good Stuff…Suprised that they don’t have one of these lists for our two teams!!! :lol: :thup:

Here is a rebuttal to the list from Rod Pedersen's blog. Enjoy!

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McMahon… the Riders other “home” football stadium! :rockin:

Hey!! Its a fruit you can eat and wear.. nothing wrong with that.... watermellon makes great yukaflux.. its a very diverse fruit really...
Also.. remember that big donation for flood relief that came from the Eskimo game.. If my memory serves me.. the opponents were the riders so a huge amount of that donation was from us....i was there and donated

Should be a whale of a game tonight...two heavy-weights duking it out !! As a non-partisan fan,me thinks I'll just sit back and enjoy this one....good luck tonight boys!!! may the best team win!!!! :cowboy:

The best part about Pedersens is unlike the stamps list which is just a farce in an attempt to be funny his is actually true.

It's important to be witty and actually funny when making this type of list, unfortunately they failed on both attempts. Next time they want to write an article like this, I'll put them in touch with my 7 year old niece.

Next time I hope hey post a funny top 10 list. While a good idea, that list was lame.

Very lame. That's Stamps marketing for you though. Now Hamilton does a great job at their marketing against the Riders. Calgary could learn a thing or two from them.

last time Stampeder's had a Sell out at home the Bow River was a stream...

I like both lists. Good thread. An Argo list..

  1. We're the Argonauts
  2. Even our colours mean/represent something
    8 ) North America's oldest...
  3. T.O.
  4. Yonge St
  5. The ol' dome'ski
  6. CN Towers' right next door
  7. Frito
  8. The most Grey Cups (.714)
  9. Arrgggoosss!

1 ) They are the Argonauts
2 ) Because I've yet to meet an Argo fan that wasn't a Leaf fan, and that is bad enough
3 ) Because it's easy to hate Toronto with their high prices, obscene levels of traffic & centre of the universe attitude
4 ) Every time they stink it up and attendance drops, the league pulls some BS with their team to make them contenders, like letting them spend over the cap, or making a "completely legitimate" quarterback trade happen
5 ) They pretend they are the oldest, even though we beat them by 3 years
6 ) They go through more logos then the freakin' Sabres
7 ) They don't seem to get that their Argo call makes them sound like they are booing their own team
8 ) They play in a dome shaped morgue that screws up everyone else's schedule
9 ) Every game you have to hear "Why didn't he call for a fair catch?" and the "Aren't flags supposed to be yellow?" and you have to hear "Oh, I don't really follow the CFL" at the team's own after game party.
10 ) Their city doesn't support them, because their city only supports US league losers

so, are you just trying to get argo fans goat, or are you really a tin hat wearer


  1. FYB
  2. FYB
  3. FYB
  4. FYB
  5. FYB
  6. FYB
  7. FYB
  8. FYB
  9. RLR
  10. rtk350

A little bit from column A and and little bit from column B

  1. I cheer for the Spartan
  2. I have no answer for that...
  3. Still old
  4. Toronto is always evolving
    8 ) The engineering marval down the lake
  5. The people don't know what they have...

A lot of rider fans are still way worse. At least every other CFL fan doesn't believe that they are the only team in the league like rider fans do!

I bet I can walk down any other CFL team city wearing my colors and not get a bunch of (edited) drunks yelling foul language from across the street like I frequently experienced when I lived in Regina. And rider fans wonder why non-rider fans don't care much for them....ya some rider fans are a classy bunch.

Yes and comments like this are somehow classy :roll: . Give your head a shake. Vancouver fans are the ones that completely trashed their own city when the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup.