Top 10 reasons people don't go to Lions games.

The top 10 reasons people don't show up to Lions Games

  1. To busy tending to Grow-op

  2. Working 24/7 to make next Mortgage payment.

  3. Stuck on Portman Bridge due to jumper.

  4. Too busy Telling their Friends how great a place
    Vancouver is.

  5. lost in the Trails at Stanley park.

  6. Got mugged on Skytrain.

  7. Took to long putting on Make-up. (Guys)

  8. Couldn't find their Blackberry.

  9. Afraid their may be an Airleak at the dome.

  10. Fell off their 40ft yaught in English bay and

Please add to this if you want.

  1. The Lions are playing Edmonton. Who wants to watch a fight between Steve Austin and Steve Urkel? You know how it's going to turn out.

Yeah, you're right...I didn't see the resemblance between Buono and Urkel before...:slight_smile:

:lol: An interesting list.

Dont want to get wet walking 5 blocks in the rain
Early T time at Shaunessy
Cant get anymore credit after paying for the 1 Canuck game per year.
Busy cleaning the house after the latest relatives/friends from the prairies visited for 10 days (need some just me time)

Because football was meant to be played outdoors. In a frozen hellhole. Like Edmonton in November......

Thats funny hondo lol

Tijuana... Oh sorry thats the happiest place on earth.

Tired of watching cheap shot football players.

Im not getting any laughs here... tough crowd.

Gotta admit I like those two. :lol: :lol: :lol:

And yet they got the second highest attendance for the season. :roll:

Reading this topic and wondering if they too could be another lame Turkeybend wannabe troll...:slight_smile:

At least T-bender would throw in a good ol':
Of all the dead sexy CFL fans we're the deadest!!! GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

...or something catchy like that.

  1. Too busy looking for their clothes at Wreck Beach!

  2. More exciting action at main and hastings.

  3. still looking for their car after forgetting where they parked at English bay for the fireworks last summer.

  4. Too busy researching about tremendous get-a-ways in Saskatchewan.

  5. Still cannot believe they signed Paul McCallum!

  6. Get lost in Chinatown everytime and cannot find the Stadium.

  7. Too risky to drive from Surrey to the games because of all the shootings!

  8. Keep getting lost on way to BC Place but when I stop to ask directions NO ONE CAN SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!


  10. Too busy saving the whales,trees, and paying for the 2010 Winter Olympics!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!

  1. Still Wandering around Hastings and McGill, looking for Empire Stadium, but just sees concrete.
  1. Got blown in the high winds out to sea in the Pacific and couldn't get back to shore in time for the game.

Top 10 Reasons Eskimo fans don't go to games.

  1. The team is terrible.

  2. Nepotism among the ranks.

  3. Too busy looking for dead hookers bodies in the river.

  4. They don't commentate the game in Polish, Ukranian, Hungarian or Russian.

  5. The mall has a bowling alley.

  6. The purple onion has drink specials.

  7. Too busy watching hockey tapes from the 20 years ago dreaming about the glory days that will never come back.

8) Brian Hall might start babbling gibberish to them, getting the names wrong, the score mixed up and sounding like a retard.
  1. Can't sit in one particular upper deck section due to structural problems that may cause a collapse and it never gets fixed.

  2. Team just missed the playoffs again and kept their coach.

Oilerrocker - 1
SwervinMervin - 0

Yeah really, everyone is so defensive on this forum. Hell, I can make fun of the Tiger-Cats just as good as anyone. And trust me, it hasn't been hard since the turn of the century ...

I was really hoping Ottawa would be ready to go for the 2008 season because at least I know I'd get two or three chances at a win next year ...

  • paul

You missed to busy taking up chicken dancing lessons forgot there was a game.