top 10 predictions for the CFL - without ticats

  1. between the tender tootsie twins... casey and neil we will have the biggest payroll with the smallest bang for the buck of any franchise--- too much of our salaries tied up in medical bills and standing on the sidelines looking intense not enough in doing the job

  2. the coaches will stay because quite frankly.... the talent isnt there either... you can't rebuild for
    THAT long - theres intensity now that was lacking.. but that intensity doesnt translate into production
    --- not a passing touchdown in how many games?

  3. the team will fold - theres no hope the way this madcap coaching staff carries on.. maybe OB stands for Over Bud.. Its Over!

  4. no one will care

  5. the score board will remain for the high school teams to marvel at

  6. the argos will go next because the NFL is toooo powerful a magnet

  7. the cfl will become a western league because montreal fans wont sustain a league without Toronto to hate.. (how unusual?!?)

  8. life will go on...

  9. john barrow, hal patterson, pete neuman and the gang will roll over in their graves..


  1. OH YAH... predictions 9 and 10.... there will be a whole heap of people saying we are too negative..
    and we should give the team and OB a break.. jokes on you guys... If you believe the guff about rebuilding I have some great Nortel stock you can buy ...No>? How about Enron,... they say the company is rebuilding..

and prediction 10....

we will always remember the Glory Years... even though they try to repaint the team without giving it heart.

I know this team is not doing well, but i don't think it will lead to the leagues demise, you are going a bit over board.

Hey man that was uncalled are really depressing me now. This post is dark and disturbed. Who are you? Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight? I've got to get to sleep tonight.

i'll bite.

Sad thing is I agree with some of what you've posted. I've felt negative feelings toward the CFL and the cats the past 3 years. And it's getting worse. The cats have been screwed in the past by the ref's on critical plays (not saying it happened tonight) which have caused them serious damage. Schedule conficts, etc. If the cats continue on the downslide they will surely loose their team within the next 6 years and with the NFL looming and knocking on TO's doorstep it will bring an end to TO aswell as they can't survice with out Hamilton. Finaly the CFL will be crushed and become a league of the past/bush league and fold.

I hope this doesn't happen but I don't have confidence. The Cat's need to turn things around ASAP or bye bye.

Oh man you there no hope?

no guys... i ve been a ticat fan for about 50 years... and i ve held seasons tickets for many of them...
but if you dont think that declining attendance in hamilton because of the product, and management... (forget about the neat snazzy computer graphics and website and aw shucks ownership (sorry Bob- I really do respect you so Ill take that line back)
if you dont think that the governors of the CFL are watching than you are too young to remember the last few near disasters that almost led to the cats leaving town..
dont think it could happen? our western clubs are too busy counting ducats to care about the tabbies right now.. and with typical bullheadedness they believe the argos are the only game in Hog town..
it aint so..
So if you think that real paying customers will fill the seats, that pay the bills for a team thats what? 15 and 45... forever... well I ve got a great Birmingham Bulls sweater for ya..

Smokeystover...are you really my dad...because you sound just like him. Kidding aside...I remember those really, really bad years and I really, really hoped they were behind us. I just don't want to dwell on that. Stick a fork in me when they are done...I'm going to keep thinking everything is okay in tigertown as I rock myself to sleep with my thumb in my mouth.

its okay son...there will always be a smokestack on the hamilton skyline - thats why i picked the handle- short history stover was picked up from Kansas City just in time to be part of a dream team defense that in 1967 didnt allow a touch down in what (echo chamber) six games including playoffs.
now between u and me.. i think our defense can do the same..
i have faith --- but i wonder about some of the players----- and certainly about the coaches...
if Taaffe isnt let go you will have your sign...

Who is neil?