Top 10 Plays of 2006 and 2005

remember these?



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remember these?
nope; not even one of them. I must have been a lot drunker than I thought in both 2005 & 2006.



heres a couple funny BC Lions commercials:

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Maybe have an accessory vid of Tinkerbell's facial expression on that Stegall play vs. the Schmoes in '06 would've made it a lil more memorable. :lol:

Actually I remember most of those top 10 Drummer. Good link!

As for the BC Lion Commercials, I've seen the first two, but the third one was new to me.

The Stegall catch has my vote for one the most amazing plays in football of all time.

thanx DG i really enjoyed that


How many days 'til the season starts?

If the regular season starts at about the same time it did last season, we're looking at roughly another 145 days without CFL football! :cry: :thdn: :x

Great link, thanks DG!

The circumstances were unigue but I think your a little overboard. A straight seam and catch, with coverage confusion was more fluky than amazing. I can remember many Stegal catches that were more amazing than that. Heck, everytime Arland Bruce, dekes around defenders and leaps high for a diving, backlanding TD catch is more amazing.

Well, ArgoZ, its not so much the play itself, but more of the timing of the play, last play of the game, and the team that allowed it to happen. Ive never seen an Eskimo defence that would allow that catch , and go for a TD to win the game. Its an amazing play because other than Flutie's Hail Mary, a play like that doesnt happen often.

Ya I understand Sambo, like I said the circumtances made it what it was. Funny thing though, both plays you mention are a result of major defensive screwups! Two defenders collide into each other just before the ball lands in Phelan's arms and two defenders get all mixed up, go for the ball and leave Stegal open. Sometimes when the game is on the line, you just beat yourself.

Good commercials by the Lions!

One of them made it onto NBC on some "funny commercials" show ... recognition from those who don't know football can be played with 3 downs :wink:

I wish there were more CFL commercials like that. The Lions did a great job. There used to be some pretty good "general" CFL commercials, like those that made fun of the Americans coming up to play but not knowing anything about Canada (no free catch, tongue stuck to the goalpost, that sort of stuff). The rivalry commercials they had weren't bad either.

Would been really nice to see the Chipmunk's smile drop off his face, again, as Stegall torched his team for 100 yards on the last play of the game ... But at least this way I got a bit of a CFL fix in during the off-season! (Now onto taped games :p)