Top 10 Offensive TDs of 2017

just wondering, why post this link with no comment?

we are all capable of finding this on the website ourselves.

as far as catches go, I think Burnham's was better that Carter's

as far as plays go, I think Wilder's run down the sidelines was the best.

No comment required because the title and the link itself -says it all.

Ok tho - here's a comment: Stamps didn't make any of them.

I think they got the order right.

"here's a comment: Stamps didn't make any of them." by Iconic

Oh my, here we go again. ::slight_smile: Just can't let it go can you Iconic?

They got the order right.

I get excited just watching those plays! Outstanding!

And I for one appreciate posting the link. At the office I usually just browse the forum.