Top 10 moments of 2006 season so far.

I think its time we sit around and discuss the wonderful season the Hamilton Tiger cats have had so far. Here are the top 10 moments so far during the Ticat season.

10-Wayne Shaw taking out Damon Allen

9- Tay Codys hit on Milt Stegall

8-Random dude running On the field.(the one wearing the Tom Brady Jersey)

7- Looking over at the Endzone and watching the fans attempt the wave over and over & failing almost 90 percent of the time

6- Kevin Eakins Amazing game againest Winnipeg.

5- Cutting there 2nd leading reciever (are they stupid)

4- Scoring two points vs Toroto instead of getting shut out.

3-Pat Fleming finally punting a ball over 35 yards.

2- Finally Firing Greg Marshall.


1- Hamilton FINALLY WINNING A Game

I hope the season can get better then this


Thats how bad it’s been. We consider that, a highlight.

  1. The end of the war against "Argos suck!"
  1. er, um, the beginning of the end of the war against “argos $uck”?

10 good Crowd again
9 Great Weather for games.
8 Hamilton @ Toronto Holmes has Big Day.
7 Hamilton @ Montreal the Train Trip.
6 Hamilton @ Winnpeg Josh has Huge Day.
5 Player of Week for Josh R.
4 Being at work out this year getting to
know the people behind The Team
3 the Punting has Got Better ..
2 The Defence as Been Good ..
1 Sitting in box J

You forgot "Being able to sneak into the stadium with a bottle of water."

The defence has been the # 1 moment so far and number 2 would have to be Terry Vaughn becoming the all time receptions leader .

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