Top 10 Good and Bad Ticat moments last season - ADD YOURS

Add yours too please

Top 10 Good and Bad Ticat moments last sason ( 2008 ) - Let's hear yours


  1. OBIE trading the heart and soul of the team in Zeke Moreno for Tom Canada. Only to have Tom claim he was injured and cauing the deal to be reneged . Moreno was already in
    Winnipeg and saw their playbook , so we tried to choose another player and settled for the Bombers first round draft pick in the 2009 draft

  2. OBIE keeping Coach Taffe after such a horribly coached season in 2007 .

  3. The very poorly run defence by Coach Creehan .

  4. An invisible Pass Rush all year as they gave up on Keith early and Nautin Mckay could never get things going likley due to injury . They never really brought in any good Dlineman to compete.

5 Getting rid of Armour and trying to replace him with Mariuz . Ray is a great guy but not a starting linebacker in this league as he doesn't have the speed or strength required .

6 Casey Printers could never get going . Not sure what the problem is .

7 Jesse Lumsden getting injured over and over and then not comitting to a new contract

8 Signing Kenton Keith . This guy is not a starting running back in this league .

9 Not getting a legit American Offensive Tackle to give our QB's a fighting chance

10 Overall lack of abilty to bring in Quality import players to compete . We did not see a good import olineman or dlineman all year .


1 . Trading for DB Chris Thompson . This guy got better as the year went on and was our most consistent defender .

  1. The emergence of Quinton Porter . I am excited to see what this guy can do this year .

  2. The contunued development of Chris Baumann . I think he is ready to start and break out in this league .

  3. A good find at WR in Prechae Rodriguez and great to have him learn on the job .

5 A good find in all -heart running back Tre Smith .

  1. Good trade with BC for Markeith Knowlton . He is a keeper at the wide side linebacker .

7 Signs of stardom in Jesse Lumsden. That big game against the argos was awesome .

8 The positive attitude of Marcel B after taking over as head coach .

9 Nick Setta - solid and steady as always .

10 The devlopement and opportunity to play for many of our young Canadian players ( Dyakowski , Rempel , Baumann ) and a good draft getting Barker and Samuel
Giguere ( with NFL COLTS ) ,

This guy is one of the best running backs in the league this decade.

I'm excited to see what Keith will accomplish with a full training camp.

Sorry... a lot of hype much like John Avery but little production... much like John Avery.
I would take Terry Cauley over KK in a heartbeat. Cauley and a healthy Lumsden, would lead the league once again in average yards rushed.

FUTURE-Good. The signing of Jesse Lumsden. :thup:


  1. Casey Printers after full camp decides it's easier to throw the ball into the turf than into the air every down.
  2. Lawrence Gordon
  3. Denny Creehan's incompetent defensive schemes.
  4. Chris Bauman not consistently starting.
  5. Charlton Keith forgetting how to pass rush or getting schemed out by his own coach.
  6. Charlie Taaffe
  7. Obie being dubbed a terrible GM after the Moreno trade -- in light of the fact that our last GM was Marcel Desjardins.
  8. No. 9's back injury
  9. No offensive tackles.
  10. 2nd and long.


  1. Bradley not losing his starting job to injury... again.
  2. Prechae's emergence as a go-to receiver.
  3. Jykine Bradley, just in case you forgot.
  4. Markeith Knowlton. Great addition.
  5. Chris Thompson -- he and Bradley shut down that side of the field.
  6. Charlie Taaffe's firing.
  7. Someone finally won at the tiger-cat quiz.
  8. War paint
  9. That Tiger-Town video.
  10. Ice. Cold. Beeeeeeeer.
  1. Ice. Cold. Beeeeeeeer.
    woo hoo


  1. Keeping Taaffe on after the whole WVa debacle.
  3. Charlie Taaffe
  4. Denny Creehan
  5. 10 Sack game against BC
  6. Cutting Ryan Glasper
  7. Jesse's injuries.
  8. Caulley's injury
  9. Keith's injury
  10. No pass rush.


  1. Chris Thompson
  2. Markeith Knowlton
  3. Firing Taaffe
  4. Firing Creehan
  5. Bradley
  6. Rodriguez
  7. Beating The blue team twice.
  8. QP
  9. Extending Nick Setta
  10. Marwan Hage on and off the field.

Kudos should go to first year defensive back Geoff Tisdale
a 22 year old import right out of college who worked himself

into the starting line-up before mid season
and gave a great account of himself there.


Very nice job BG, you summed up the season very well.

I could also mention Printers and his penchant for throwing picks that were returned for TDs and the teams lack of ability to convert 3 and 1, and the Chris Leak fiasco in camp, and watching Armour walk away to the bad.

Watching the team run the ball so well, the continued emergence of Setta as the best kicker in the CFL, and the effort of Tre Smith every time he touched the ball to the good.

I completely agree with your additions. Especially watching Armour walk. I also have to admit that RFTT is correct. Tisdale should be on there with the good.

Shouldn’t someone include in the Good list…we finally have a new Pigskin Pete!

add to the bad list...

Jesse getting stuffed and 3rd and inches in the opener....kinda set the tone for things to come...

add to the good list

JoJo Walkers heart and manty times he was the only Ticat working out there when the Cats were getting blown out.