top 10 free agents

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The former Grey Cup Most Outstanding Canadian's 83.4 field-goal percentage gave him the title of most accurate kicker in league history last season.


His timely departure from the Toronto Argonauts last season helped turn around a floundering Eskimos secondary and he returned punts.


He was a big part of an easily overlooked but seldom out-performed Argos defence that was the only reason the team didn't go winless last season.


Although a computer hacker already placed him with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Jyles remains the only gunslinger without a home in the CFL.

Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, OL

It appears he will be leaving the Hamilton Ticats, who drafted him in the first round in 2006. Throughout 31 games with the Tabbies, he became their unsung hero.


Injury is the only thing that kept him from rushing for 1,000 yards again last season.


This well-travelled veteran has been everywhere but over the hill. At 33 years old, Robertson put together 100-yard rushing performances in each of their three wins in '09.


Watkins caught for over 1,000 yards for the fifth consecutive time last season with the Montreal Alouettes.


The inside defender took a break stuffing rushers only to chase down eight quarterback sacks and force three fumbles last season with Montreal.


Electrifying returner also missed part of last year due to injury. Has game-changing ability when healthy.

BYRON PARKER, Future Ti Cat? Could be the last piece of the puzzle for Obie,s rebuild in Hamilton :thup:

Get your hands off Parker!!! :x

Dream FA for the Ticats:

Sandro Deangalis (rumoured to be interested)
Byron Parker
Will Poole
Dominique Dorsey
Kerry Watkins (rumoured to be interested)

You guys signed a lot of FAs last season... if you guys sign a bunch more this year, people are going to start wondering how you're staying under the cap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, it’s not really a good idea to build a team in free agency. I think Hamilton is in a good position right now. They don’t have to spend on free agents, but they can spend as and when it makes sense for them.

i think we all know there are kickbacks in the league that are hidden from us. im still mad about sandro. why the blue he!! would he want to go to hamilton? no offense guys... its just this- calgary has a good shot again this year, with rambo and a bunch of guys back. his best friend is the punter. .. this makes no sense at all to me. i can see him going to toronto to hang with barker... but honestly... here in Calgary him and burris own the city since the grey cup. in southern ontario, sandro would not be revered at all. i dont think i have been this upsety since the rocket ran that touchdown back on us in the 91 grey cup.(should have been a holding call by the way)

You are right...if DeAngelis comes to Toronto, sadly, like all the Argos, he will be anonymous..& hey, was that you who threw that beer can at the Rocket that frigid November day in 91????

DeAngelis is a bit of a head scratcher. He's been a Stamp throughout his CFL career. I kind of figured he'd retire as a Stamp.

sandro’s only reason for goin to hamilton would be, he’s from the area - niagra falls.

DeAngelis should reconsider the Stamps offer.

I think we are going to have some surprises and lots of trades before the season starts.


Rough guesstimate you've got 670 000.00 there. That would be quite a feat...

He's from the area AND has been a Ticat fan all his life AND this team shows a helluva lot more promise than the Argho's.

if im the argos GM, im putting all my Free Agent budget money infront of kerry watkins.

that aquisition would help ease argo fans concerns about this upcomming season and braleys commitment to the argos.

as it stands now, the argos have not improved this team one bit, and have actually regressed ( losing talbot, bruce, parker, younger, dorsey, robertson and medlock ) and they expect season ticket holders to renew, and new customers to commit to season tickets.

giving the new coach and kerry joseph an experienced and proven offensive weapon would go along way in calming the nerves in the double blue nation.

wasnt me that threw the beer can... i would have hit him.

well, watkins has re-signed with the Als, so i dunno what the argos are gonna do?
looks like the double blue will be black and blue in 2010.

I'm a few minutes late, but let the signings begin!

argos sign Byron Parker & Cedric Gagne-Marcoux