Top 10 Finishes video

so, by the top ten I've surmised that Hamilton wasn't in very many or any at all close, or exciting games in 2011?

utter garbage CFL. :thdn:

I'm not sure if I can express how frustrating it is to see the league continually pander to the Roughriders, with Toronto being a close second. :x

Saying I feel disenfranchised with the whole league right now doesn't quite cut it. Nor does disillusioned. This is the last straw for this fan. The next time I eat watermelon, it will be out of malice. :wink:

(Rider fans need not post below)

Why not give us some examples of what you would have included in the top 10, and then which one's would you have deleted to make room for them.

I think I would've slipped Hamilton beating BC 34-31 after trailing big time most of the game but then again, the refs did give us a free TD.I like the list.

I get very tired of the riders this riders that... But in all honesty, many of the
games they were involved in last year seemed to have big finishes. Real tight games

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Why do so many people critisize articles or videos without providing a link to it!?!


As for the choices of games shown - "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

hey pal, here's the world's smallest violin playing for you..... :roll:

suck it up bud. Riders were involved in a number of amazing finishes! can't help it if your team is dull.

guess you guys missed the touch of humour when i said "the next time I eat watermelon, it will be out of malice"

true true, the green riders where in close games.

I thnk my favourite finish of the year was in this game right here:


I told you rider fans to stay outta this!!! :cowboy:

You'll know in about 11 months. :wink:

A game does not have to come down to the final play to be exciting. Hamilton, in fact all teams, have several close, exciting games - the list was about the best finishes (and I dont think a slight or an advertisement) at any team.

I enjoyed the video. And SJ Green's OT catch in week 1 last year is one for the all-time list if you ask me! :thup:

From the article that went with the video:

You want good finishes? Well, last season an incredible 49 per cent of the games in the CFL were decided in the last three minutes, and 32 per cent were decided by 7 points or less.

You want comebacks? Last season one in every five games the team trailing after the third quarter came back to win.

There was simply too many finishes to choose from to please everyone.

With that many finishes to choose from, 10 to choose in total, two teams in each finish, and only 8 teams in total, you'd think they'd be able to find at least one with the TiCats, even a losing one, no?

Then again, the only TiCat one that comes to mind that I would consider nominating is the Ham @ BC game, and if I recall correctly, despite the fact that we won, it wasn't exactly a shining moment of the season.

Well, for a Ticat finish that would be on par with these finshes, I would take the Dressler catch where he dived for the ball, got back up and went to the endzone for the win. But that’s probably not what you were looking for as a 'Cat fan. But you’re bang on, that one should have been there.

Yes, that was a fantastic play (a big reason we lost faith in the bend but don't break, well okay break too defense).