Top 10 fastest Canadians in the CFL?

The Argos have/had that Canadian RB, supposed to be the fastest, didn't be blow out a knee or something ?

You talking about Tyler Ebell...?

Andre Durie

Bump....what kind of 40 yard dash times do these guys run?

Franklin, yes. Wilson, not really. He's nothing special speed-wise.

  1. Paul McCallum
  2. Troy Westwood
  3. Chris Walby
  4. Angelo Mosca
  5. Don Matthews (I think he took out Canadian citzenship)
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This is a great list! Is Jamel Richardson Canadian? Put my vote in for Kamau Peterson too. He's blazing in short spurts when he needs to. Like before and after he catches the ball!

MARCUS HOWEL maybe the fastest and nobody mentioned him. LOL

Danny machoaka He took himself from the Sidelines to the front Office in a blink of a Eye. We Didn't even see it coming.

I'm losing track of all these names.....does someone want to take a crack at writing an actual "top 10 ranking"?

Official Rankings:

  1. Paris Jackson
  2. Kanau Peterson
  3. Arje Franklin
  4. Brock Ralph
  5. Jesse Lumsden
  6. Andre Durie
  7. Tyler Ebell
  8. Jason Clermont
  9. Chad Rempel
  10. Etienne Bouley

Just out of curiosity... official according to who?

I would like to see these guys at the combine run on a harder surface. You would think that at least one player in the 5 years of combine results would've been faster than a 4.4. They do only have 60 players or so at each combine but out of 300 top athletes only having 4 in the 4.4 range seems strange to me.

Etienne Boulay ran a 4.2 at the New York Jets workout.

He's probably the fastest player in the CFL period. Hands down fastest Canadian.

Ebell is not Canadian.

Don’t believe everything you read about those times, that would make him, potentially, the fastest man in the world.

Usain Bolt’s 40 yard split time, in his gold medal performance, 4.35 seconds.

There are all kinds of ways the 40 is run, dramatically impacting times. Type of surface, pads/no pads, some even run it from a flying get alot of apples to oranges comparisons on 40 times without even realizing it.

And Clermont is a heckuva guy, but not in any top 10 list for speed.

Ebell's not Canadian. Nor is Jamal Richardson.

What about that other Ralph? They're basically twins - if one's in, so should the other. What about Davis Sanchez or Ryan Thelwell?

Usain Bolt though is trying to run 110 yards and not 40. Plus his finish is his key not his start. Chris Johnson ran a 4.24 at the NFL combine. Justin King was 4.31, Darren McFadden was 4.33 and Jamaal Charles was 4.38 none of which I believe would come even close to Bolt in a 100 meter dash.