Top 10 fastest Canadians in the CFL?

Top 10 fastest Canadians.....let me know who you think it is.

where would you put Clermont and Lumsden?

On the IR!

lol, I know. But if (hypothetically) they were healthy, where do they stack up? There's gotta be a few fast Canucks out there, right?

Paris Jackson
Weston Dressler
Brock Ralph
Etienne Boulay

No love for Kelly Campbell? The announcers were going on about his speed all season long.

He's Canadian? I had no idea. If he is Canadian, put him down on that list.

So unofficial rankings are:

  1. Paris Jackson
  2. Weston Dressler
  3. Brock Ralph
  4. Etienne Bouley
  5. Kelly Campbell
  6. Jason Clermont
  7. Jesse Lumsdun

Weston Dressler is NOT a canadian.

gotta add Gene Makowsky to that list! maybe number 8 or 9 :smiley:

Fastest.....but not for running.................

Not to tread on heated territory, but I find it funny how we often make the natural assumption that white at a skilled position = Canadian...

I'm not saying that this was the case in this particular instance but we also forgot Kamau Peterson.

Hey, I had Paris Jackson on my list, and he's not exactly pale. :slight_smile:

I thought about Peterson, but is he really that fast? He had a great season but his speed isn't top-10 league-wide IMO.

I think Pat Woodcock and Brett Ralph could be in that group. Sam Giguere currently with the Colts is up there too.

Dressler and Campbell are Americans. Another one who is up there is Arjei Franklin

Giguere (drafted)
Brett Ralph
Pat Woodcock
Jesse Lumsden
John Cornish
Richard Karikari

what about arje franklin or o;neil wilson. both canadian recievers who burned a few guys this season

My bad. I completely forgot this was about Canadians. Guess my fanboyism got the best of me. :oops: :lol:

The Woodcock of 2002, definitely. The Woodcock of 2008 has lost a step IMO.

What ever happened to Jean-Frederick Tremblay? he had some wheels!

Canadian speedsters