Top 10 CFL rivalries of all time

What is your opinion?

Well there's only 9 teams, half the possible matchups could fit in there. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you want to include individual players, Merv Fernandez and Roy Bennett. In the mid 80s when the Bombers and Lions clashed, Cal Murphy always had Bennett on Swervn Mervyn. Man coverage deep down the field game after game, swatting each other, pushing off. Legendary War.

There's been so much zone coverage since then, no one ever anticipates the isolated WR/DB battle anymore. It just doesn't happen on any continual basis. When is the last time you heard anybody say, "Arland Bruce and Byron Parker are gonna have at it today, can't wait" or "Suber will be on Fantuz like a blanket like always"?

Seriously. If you find any footage of Lions Bombers from 1985, watch these guys, it is EPIC stuff.

If you're referring to spans of seasons where teams had strings of heated battles or often met in the playoffs, then the following comes to mind:

-Argos vs. Alouettes in 5 consecutive Eastern finals through the mid-2000s (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)
-Roughriders vs. Blue Bombers in Banjo Bowl and Labour Day contests
-Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Bombers in various 1960s Grey Cups (1961, 1962, 1965)
-Eskies vs. Alouettes in 3 Grey Cups in early 2000s (2002, 2003, 2005)

And Eskimos vs. Alouettes in the late 1970s, meeting in the Grey Cup five times in six years.
Of course, there are the obvious rivalries resulting from geography - Hamilton vs. Toronto, Calgary vs. Edmonton. Those rivalries have less to do with the actual games than they do with the cities themselves. The rivalries aren't limited to the CFL, or even to sports in general.

One of the more modern rivalries that you wouldn't think would be one 5 years ago is the Roughriders vs Alouettes. Since our thriller Grey Cup in 2009, there has been the Miracle at Mosaic (Canada Day Kickoff 2010), Grey Cup 2010 and then last years game @Montreal Week 4 where McPherson almost led back a huge comback but the end result was a Rider win 27-24. All interesting games the fact that we only play them twice a year makes the rivalry even bigger!

I like the Labour Day/Banjo Bowl vs Winnipeg but it seems as of late that it's more of a rivalry of the fans, the games aren't close and it's usually a blow out either way each year.

the Riders vs the Eskimos.


because when the Riders come to town.. the Stadium gets its biggest crowd (or crowds if 2 games) for the season and there is more excitement and drama than any other team.

and more fights too.

and then there is sacramento vs las vegas.

Shreveport Vs. Birmingham

baltimore vs canada

you read my mind

Hamilton Tigers vs. the Hamilton Wildcats

Roughriders vs. Queen's University. One of these days you'll have more Grey Cups than us. One of these days.

Good point for those two teams at Commonwealth. However; Riders vs Calgary - 1967-71 were classic West Finals.

Don vs Wally

Crazy George vs Calgary's horse

Gainor vs Buzz and Boomer

Also Gainer vs Calgary Stampeders (The whole Gainer-Gate thing that sprung up from when they banned him from entering the stadium).

Does BC actually have any rivalries in any of there teams?

yeah…the whitecaps

the ocean, the mountains, the parks, the lakes, the nightlife…

and the canucks against the world.

When I was growing up it was Riders vs Edmonton. We usually met in the west final, with Riders losing alot of those match-ups. God I hate Edmonchuk. :rockin:

Canucks = Chicago and to a lesser extent Calgary
Whitecaps = Seattle, Portland
Lions = Roughriders and their beer pelting fans :thdn:

Problem with our league is that with so few teams, rivalries are becoming diluted. When you play a team 5x including preseason, maybe a 6th time including the playoffs, it's hard for fans (and likely players) to get their hate-on.

Bring on a 9th (and 10th) team!

The Atlantic Schooners and the Miami Manatees could have some great battles of teams that existed for for a few days :cowboy: