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Top 10 CFL QBs of all time

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  1. Doug Flutie
  2. Anthony Calvillo
  3. Damon Allen
  4. Warren Moon
  5. Ron Lancaster
  6. Matt Dunigan
  7. Danny McManus
  8. Russ Jackson
  9. Ken Ploen
  10. Dieter Brock

Don't know who Dave Pollard is but the moron obviously knows diddly squat about the CFL. To not list Jackie Parker in the list shows that he doesn't have a clue. Nuff said!

danny mac and damon are not top 10

You could have a 1000 top 10 CFL quaterback lists, and all 1000 would be moronic, one way or another.
It's quite frankly not possible to rank these quarterbacks, especially based on how differently they play from each other, what their individual stats tell us, how long they spent in the league, how many Grey Cups they've won, etc. There's just too many things to factor in to make a definite list of any sort.

If you made a top 10 list based on a specific aspect, though, THEN we could get somewhere. Top 10 Pocket-Passers, Top 10 Rushing Quarterbacks, Top 10 Clutch Quarterbacks, etc.

how about, top 10 most awesome QBs to watch in action?

I don't care what criteria or frame of reference this guy used, to not include Parker shows that he has no credibility. For cripes sake, he even included Dieter Brock who never won a big game in his life. Parker won three consecutive Grey Cups.

Yes, Parker should be on that list.

I'd also place Russ Jackson in the top ten and possibly Clements or Ham in there..

Not sure Danny Mac or Brock should be in the top ten though...Top 15 or 20 perhaps..

I've never seen Jackie Parker in action, but knowing you have, I can certainly understand your dismay at not seeing him on that list. I'll hand you that. I would probably be saying something similar if I saw that Calvillo or Moon weren't on the list (my personal favourites). :stuck_out_tongue:

X2 :thup: How in the world do you leave Parker off that list. That's like forgetting to add Bobby Orr to the hockey list

Different era. Today, Parker wouldn't be the top QB

So George Reed, Bart Starr, Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, etc etc etc would not be top players in today's era?

One of the best play callers back then who broke Sam Etcheverry's record; I like the choice made by Pollard.
I think this is based on a QB position only is why Parker is not included?

So George Reed, Bart Starr, Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, etc etc etc would not be top players in today's era?
Different Position, you can't compare that.

QB's in the 50's were not the same as QB's in the 90's or even today.

notice how you only list other players who aren't football players or even QB's?

George Reed could be just as effective today as he was back then just in a different manner.

That I agree with; I seen George Reed play at Old Empire and on T.V.; he's one running back that ran with vengeance.

notice how you only list other players who aren't football players or even QB's?
I listed two players from all the major, hockey, baseball and basketball. And George Reed and Bart Starr are football players...Bart Starr being a QB

As well, bygone CFL QB's such as Ken Ploen, Russ Jackson, and Joe Kapp could very well be quality QB's today IMO.

MacManus makes the 'Top Interception Machine List' only.
In at a #2 behind Lancaster.

As much as I liked and respected the man, Ron Lancaster is so far ahead of anybody else in pass interceptions that his record may never be broken. For that reason alone he doesn't deserve to be that high on the list, if on the list at all.

And to leave Parker off is simply unforgivable, as is placing Calvillo ahead of Moon and his 5 consecutive Grey Cups.

I like this list better, even if Calvillo isn't on it.

ya but these guys were in a different era.

here's the thing.

what was the usual Offensive Play Format that they used in the 50's and 60's?

9 times out of ten it was 7 lineman (two TE's) and 2 or sometimes 3 running backs.

now, lets forward to the 1980's and into the 90's.

the invention of the 6 pack or even the 5 pack with single back field, overloading one side with 4 or 5 receivers...

QB's in the 50's and 60's had it easier than today.

they didn't have 5-6 receivers to choose from like they do today.

Lancaster played for like 19 years and amassed 50,500 yards. Calvillo has played 17 years and has 72,000+ yards.

so two fewer seasons and 22,000 more yards than Lancaster.

imagine if Lancaster started his career where Calvillo did.. how many yards would Lancaster have thrown for?

Offenses today are far more complicated than 50-60 years ago.

Calvillo was most likely left off that TSN list as it was published in 2006..

But If we kept to the order of QB's on that particular list we have:

  1. Doug Flutie
  2. Jackie Parker
  3. Warren Moon
  4. Ron Lancaster
  5. Russ Jackson
  6. Damon Allen
  7. Sam Etcheverry
  8. Matt Dunigan
  9. Joe Krol (???)
  10. Tom Clements

Calvillo had been playing for 12 years in 2006. Today I'd leave the list as is with Calvillo ahead of Lancaster, who should be 9th at best in my opinion. Joe Kroll was great, but few but the oldest of duffers remember seeing him play. I remember Parker, and I actually met him once :smiley:, but he peaked around the time I was born. His play has been hailed far and wide as one of the greatest football players of all time in any league. In those days players made more money playing in Canada so there were lots of greats around him too. He fits on the list.