top 10 CFL / NFL crossover players**

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ROCKET ISMAIL: The electrifying kick returner out of Notre Dame spurned the NFL to take an amazing $18.2 million, four-year deal from the Toronto Argonauts in 1991. He joined the Raiders in 1993 and played nine seasons in the NFL.
Thought some of u guys might find this interesting...especially since theres a few omissions.

They payed him 4.5 million then and the cap today is 3.8

My favorites on that list are Doug Flutie and Warren Moon (would they should have pictured him playing in the CFL)

Doug Flutie
An incredible scrambling and passing machine in the CFL, where he won six Most Outstanding Player awards, Flutie also played in the NFL with the Bills, Bears, Chargers and Patriots. He ended his 21 years in pro football when he announced his retirement this month.

Warren Moon
The only man to be enshrined in both the CFL and Pro Football Hall of Fames, Moon threw for 21,288 yards and 144 touchdowns in Canada and 49,325 yards and 291 touchdowns in the NFL.

do the houston oilers still exist?

I belive they are the Texans now

i wonder why this top 10 included thought he was terrible..

and wheres thiesman?

whoa, hold on there guys. Here is what happened.

Oilers moved to Tennessee, first to Memphis for a few season temporary still as the Oilers, and then to Nashville permanently, where they were renamed the Titans.

Texans were the last expansion team in the NFL, originally going to Los Angeles (yes indeed, you better believe it), but since they didn't fix up LA memorial, the current owner of the Texans (who was originally trying to bring an NHL team to Houston) stepped up efforts, and got the team which we know today as the Texans.

What Whoa?
Nobody asked what happened. A question was asked and answered!

inaccuracy, that statement let’s one to believe that the Oilers just changed their name, which is not the case.

so the oilers are now the tennessee titans and the texans have nothing to do with the oilers?

With the exception that they both played in Houston at one point or presently, you are correct, they are two different teams, and are now huge NFL rivals.

Give him his due...he's right on this one. Kanga don't let this go to your head!

No worries, I just know my team histories on pro leagues, weather it be the CFL or the NFL.

I can tell you who relocated and where, etc.

Hey Kanga, I'm the say way, and where does ro get off saying a question was asked and answered when he didn't give the right answer, by his stupid explanation I guess the Colorado Rockies never moved to New Jersey and changed their name to the Devils, they just decided to give up hockey, take over a decade off and return as a baseball team, yeah that makes since

sense, not since, sorry guys

Back to the topic of the thread, I'm curious why Andre Rison is listed. He won a Grey Cup in Toronto, but he was a bust as a player in the CFL, his career being essentially over long before he got here.

Same with Lawrence Phillips in Montreal. The Als running game was weak when he was there; they won the championship on the strength of their their passing, their defence, and their special teams. After Pringle, the Als never had a really good running back until they got Robert Edwards.

I'm surprised that Pamela Anderson didn't make that lineup! :lol:

Is this one of them pretty good posts that settle an issue?