Top 10 best recievers

List who you think are the top 10 best recievers in the CFL.

  1. Andy Fantuz
  2. Geroy Simon
  3. Matt Dominguez
  4. Jason Tucker
  5. Nik Lewis
  6. Kerry Watkins
  7. Jason Clermont
  8. Arland Bruce
  9. Ben Cahoon
  10. Andre Talbot
  1. Milt Stegal
  2. Nik Lewis
  3. Simon
  4. Rambo
  5. Ben Cahoon
  6. Arland Bruce
  7. Kerry Watkins
  1. Paris Jackson
  1. Andre Talbot
  2. Fantuz

Andy had a few nice ones but like a good battery ? how much life do you get outta it? Since Geroy has a current record! nevermind I'm biased! must be sum stats somewhere saying who is the top dog in the CFL! step up and give us da facts please!

It depends on what you use to rate them past/present ?

hmmm i cant justify Nik being that high but hey im just as biased. IF ALL HEALTHY:

  1. Geroy
  2. Cahoon
  3. Stegall
  4. Dominguez
  5. Lewis
  6. Watkins
  7. Clermont
  8. Bruce
  9. Bryant (based on this year)
  10. DJ Flick
  1. Stegall
  2. Simon
  3. Lewis
  4. Clermont
  5. Cahoon
  6. Rambo
  7. Edwards
  8. Bruce
  9. Watkins
  10. Paris Jackson

Another when healthy list...

  1. Stegall
  2. Simon
  3. Dominguez
  4. Edwards
  5. Armstrong
  6. Lewis
  7. Cahoon
  8. Clermont
  9. Watkins
  10. Flick

arland bruce is the leagues most over rated receiver.

he shouldnt be in anyones top 10.

id say every reciever i listed below are better than bruce. ( focus on bruce next argo game...he misses ALOT of passes, but will catch the TD pass, and thats what people remember )


  1. Simon
  2. Rambo
  3. Romby
  4. Armstrong
  5. Watkins
  6. Nick Lewis
  7. Paris Jackson
  8. Jason Tucker
  9. Terrance Edwards
  10. The Turtle man!

How is Andre Talbot ending up on so many lists? He is definately NOT better than Bruce, his career high is 800 yards in a season, and prior to that everything has been under 700. I agree with you on Bruce being over rated, and I like Talbot, but he belongs no where near the top 10.

  1. Simon
  2. Stegal
  3. Cahoon
  4. Armstrong
  5. Dominguez
  6. Watkins
    8.) Clermont
  7. Rambo

I don't know about you guys, but Jason Clermont reminds me so much of Andy Fantuz. I don't know if it's because they have the same playing style, or their body type, or maybe they look alike.

iunno about you but andy fantuz reminds me nothing of Clermont. Not even in the same class. Clermont has the most consistant hands in the leagues. makes bigger catches every week, in tighter coverage, and taking much harder hits.

talbot is consistant and catches almost everything thrown his way...its not his fault hes often the 3rd read.

bruce drops alot of passes that hit his hands, or he just runs the wrong routes all the time ( too much freelance ).

Top 10 when healthy:

  1. Geroy Simon
  2. Jason Tucker
  3. Milt Stegall
  4. Ben Cahoon
  5. Paris Jackson
  6. Ken-Yon Rambo
  7. Kerry Watkins
  8. Matt Dominguez
  9. Jason Claremont
  10. Nik Lewis

Yes, Clermont has a little better hands in traffic, but clermont has also been playing for 7 years, Fantuz has been playing for 3. Other than that they remind me of eachother.

Totally agree d & p

If you are talking about the top receivers at this moment in time, you cannot include Jason Tucker or Milt Stegall. It is doubtful that Jason will play again and lets face the facts Milt is all but done as well.

please don’t rate receivers based on stuff they did years ago!

rate them based on TODAY!

in that reasoning

Stegall is not #1 and Simon is not #1 or #2.

the receivers out there today that are # one are like Rambo, Lewis, Clairemont, Fantuz, Dominguez (although he keeps getting hurt) P. Jackson, Tucker, Watkins

Stegall is washed up and Simon isn’t far behind.

Tucker looks to be done, as Dominguez…

Simon isn’t far behind? Wasn’t he leading the lead in receiving THIS YEAR until his injury? Leads the league 2 yrs in a row, and was this year, and he still gets bashed.

  1. Geroy Simon
  2. Jason Tucker
  3. Milt Stegall
  4. Ben Cahoon
  5. Paris Jackson
  6. Ken-Yon Rambo
  7. Kerry Watkins
  8. Matt Dominguez
  9. Jason Claremont
  10. Nik Lewis

Above is a good list but I’d drop Dominguez for one of the Eskimos other receivers…they lit up BC the last few weeks. Stegall now is not the same as before and should probably be taken off the list.