Toothless Lions?

Wow! takin' a shot at the Lions. I would've dropped the "toothless" from the headline. (

I am not saying this to instigate anything, but coming into the season I told my circle of friends that BC would struggle this year.

Although there is still plenty of time left in the season for me to eat my words. I do not consider any team to be out of the playoffs this early.

1-4 is a bad start to say the least, but they are only 2 wins away from half the league.

Funny how there was no issue with "toothless cats" comments in the media when it came to Hamilton the last few years

Hey man, I defended the Ti-Cats every chance I got. I desperately wanted them to succeed.

I just made an observation that's all.

That was being kind to the ti cats. Back to back 3 and 15 seasons , I'm thinking there could have be some stronger language , than toothless. B.C. has finished 1st in the west 4 times this decade and have won 2 cups. You can't contend every year, so it's a down year. As long as ownership doesn't take stupid pills and fire Wally ,like CGY. did. Wally will assess what's wrong and fix it.

I rest my case

Agreed....the Cats did nothing for how many years now? Toothless is an understatement for them but it's good to see them having a competitive team again. I like when their fans get to root for a winner. It's always Montreal out east and that gets boring offense Als fans.

As for the Was that Jamall Johnson the former Lion with the monster stat line? 10 tackles, 1 Sack, 1 Forced Fumble? ANd he wasn't good enough to bring back? Otis Floyd had the final INT in the last game against BC that ended the game and has that brash cocky personality that some love to hate but which BC so desperately needs. Where's the emotion? I miss the Carl Kidd/Otis Floyd days.

The reason I bring up these guys names is because Wally is the only one in BC that doesn't see that BC's main problem on D is their MLB.....Javy Glatt! I just watched the game highlights and you see Cobb running wild and Javy is always behind the play. The guy is too slow, and seems to lack the instincts that better LBs may have. McKenzie is doing his job but Javy, good Canadian guy and all, needs to be replaced. He's at best a backup these days.....

Geroy may have lost a step as well. 2 straight subpar games. What's with Jarius always fumbling the ball? Keep Buck in the game if he brings the team to the 1 yard line. It's not like Jarius is Michael Vick or Nealy from the Stamps, running all day long.

1-4 Lions....Ticats winning the season series for first time in 17 years? Wow. Wake me up when it's over!! :oops: :oops:

Believe it or not, I actually take offence to the "toothless Lions" remark. Not so much that I would have started this thread if it weren't already here, but enough that, now that the discussion has begun, I'll speak my mind.

Sure, I'm glad they're not saying it about the Tiger-cats anymore. Sure, it's been well-deserved for the last 4 years, but it was getting extremely irritating.

What bugs me about them saying it about B.C. is that it implies that Hamilton didn't win the game because they're good; B.C. lost because they're bad.

I realize they're a media organization and they're just going for the pun for their headline. But the implication, intentional or not, is that Hamilton can't win a game unless the other team plays lousy. After four years of losing football, I'm a little tired of the media downplaying Hamilton's successes like that.

That's the way it would be for any team who have missed the playoffs for 4 straight years and 6 out of 7, have only won 10 games in the past 3 seasons, almost went winless in 03. If they continue to to win and continue to play solid football, the respect will come. 3 AND 2 is a good start, but things could still blow up.I don't think they will,especially with Ham. running game becoming a monster. Ham should be able to go 10 and 8, especially with Glenn backing up. I know Porter is the future, but Bruce and Glenn would light it up ! Glenn is healthy and really helped Stegall late in his career,I think he could do the same with Bruce.