Too Much Coach Inspired Distraction in BC Lions Camp?

You got the coach calling out the ST and singling out one guy the week before the game in Sask.

You are-- in the same week of prepping for the Riders bringing in a bunch of NFL cuts for tryouts in the midst of a nice winning streak.

You tell every media interviewer how your job is to find a guy better than the guy he's got.

You tell the media that the guy you singled out is going to be sat down for a meeting on Monday of this week all reminders of Sam Young and Antonio Warren - who departed the team in the same manner.

You go to Sask and get the Riders to OT.

You need a single point to win but you leave what looks like a hot offence and QB on the bench knowing that the Riders will have to cut your receivers some slack and protect against the deep ball.

You then decide to show how you are so smart on ST that you dont try to move the ball but punt 55 yards plus the 10 yard drop for the kick out of the end zone in high winds (at your back).

You then concoct a story that blames the kicker and goes on to talk of a kick that would go blah blah blah and turn left at the rail yards...blah blah.

You shirk responsibility for the decision.

You wanna humiliate Barrett and the Riders using their former kicker.

You are the liontamers....

Hello Wally Buono.

Now is the time of the season that you solidify your team and make changes only when critical. You support your players in public. No singling out of individuals for blame.

You self -critique now that would be nice. If you're not able to do that you are no longer a professional.

Observers can never know the impact of the other things going on on a team and its on field performance. The irony is that ST was the Wally focus and ST was how he chose to win. That is definitely an eyebrow raising decision.

The other players at practice last week. Did they become an unsettling distraction to the team? This should be asked by the coaches of themselves!

The whole process used by the coach of calling out players - SY, AW and now AL - needs review. There might be a better and faster and quieter way that leads to less disruption. It is better to act swift and without a lot of setting up the media for a player change as it gets to the players who don't appreciate that as this observer sees it.

All the while Wally has ignored in public a continuing problem of too many undisciplined penalties and yesterday in the Riders game, a pre-game fight with Otis Floyd tossing punches and last week Carl Kidd tossing them post-game. Not to mention the other in game penalties that are hurting this team but mostly it is being masked as they are winning and have a good record. Wally may be running a nice tight ship where any discontent is not expressed in public - and that is good - but he is not running a disciplined ship when he tolerates players tossing punches regardless of how much an opponent is dissing your team.

There were more people involved than Otis Floyd pre-game, and he certainly didn't start the scuffle.....

Thanks for clarifying that as that was all I could see on the TV highlites.

The key point for me is this type of undisciplined stuff if not stopped can end a championship run. Players simply have to focus on the task at hand and avoid all that other crap. Trash talking in football is part of the game. It will be always and I have no trouble with that at all.

If the opposition is calling you out pre-game, ignore it and use it to ready yourselves to play.
That is how I coach my teams and there is simply no excuse for a player to settle scores or defend his mama's honour or whatever when it will distract and detract from our goal of winning a game.

That was always the hallmark of my teams. No matter what occurred, our players played - if there was ref yelling to be done it was me who did it. Any player getting into it would find himself not playing and I have deaf ears during a game to any excuses for stupidity and selfishness on the part of a guy wanting to protect the honour of the team or his g/f or mom or who else. I simply dont care. That player will sit and I will only discuss this after the game and then that player better understand how thin the ice is if we have to argue about if it was justified. You play for the team and you don't commit undisciplined fouls or fight or get into pushing matches, name calling, or the swinging of purses.

It is simple. You have to have a team culture that says that we are here first and foremost to win games and championships. Settling personal scores and taking penalties are playing for yourself, not for the team. If you do, you will sit the balance of that game and there are no excuses and no chance for appeal. It can be tough but it has to be that way or where does a coach draw the line.

Right now, BC Lions need a re-drawing of that line as there are too many selfish fights going on and too many dumb penalties ending drives (two Lion tackles). End it now.

Oh back to the topic at hand. The paper says the Lions are bringing in more bodies this week.

Is this distracting to a team that has to finish the season first? I think it could be.