too many teams make the playoffs?


I can't help but think that,
with 6 of the 8 teams making the playoffs,
many potential ticket-buyers don't see the
Regular Season games as being very important.

Do you think that overall league attendance
(and fan interest) during the Regular Season
would actually be better if only 4 teams
made the Playoffs?


The playoffs are great they way they are

i think if u take two teams out of the playoffs your takin some extra revenue out of the second place team because they will no longer have a home playoff game.

hate to say it but in the CFL you need to make all the money you can get....especially in Sask and Winnipeg

some people seem to miss the whole point of sports. The players play to win the championship. The point of each individual game however is to entertain the fans. Its not just about who wins the final game. A lot of the best plays are done in regular games. Its nuts for someone to not go to a game, just because the dont see it as important for the standings or the championship.

I like the playoff system, except for the crossover...
OH OH Now look at the argument Ive started :wink:

I am indifferent to crossover. pros and cons. in the end, doesnt matter much.

the playoff system is o.k but i'd like to see anll star game after the grey cup kinda one more game to look forward to before the long cold winter! Someone said they used to have it can anyone provide some history here? or know where I can find out more about it? Thanks

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No its fine now

There's lots of fan interest in the regular season, the 3-4 teams play for a berth in the playoffs, the 2-3 teams play for a home playoff date and the 1-2 teams play for a first round jinx, er, first round bye.

Every game means something in the CFL. In the NFL, by week 12, half the teams are all but mathematically eliminated. It works for them, but 75% making the playoffs works great for the CFL.

Thanks rot!found some good info here thanks again!

seeing who gets home field, the crossover possibility.. it still makes a lot of games mean a lot late in the season. As for drawing fans, you're putting butts in seats for an extra week... period.

Interesting …
It is essentially a unanimous vote that the playoffs are
better with almost all the teams in the league qualifying.

Of course, considering the fact that everyone here
who voted is (obviously) already a big fan of the league
(since they ARE registered on a CFL forum to begin with)
–this may not have been the most objective group to poll :wink:

I still wonder if many prospective and “casual” fans feel the same?

If it aint broke, don't fix it.

I like things as they are. with Ottawa comming back 6 out nine will make playoffs.

I like the cross over. If the 4th place team has more points than the 3rd place team in the other division, why not let them cross over.

I like that! Mind if I use it sometime? :wink:

Crossover works, you want to have the 6 best teams.

Sorry but you cannot say who is the better team with the unbalanced schedule that the teams have. Besides having a team with a better record miss the playoffs happens in every sport and no-one complains.

Definately cut back to 4 berths. If the league expands to 10 teams then sure, 6 berths and no cross-over. In the meantime playoff revenue would be enhanced with a best of 3 games format.

So better to have a 3 and 15 team in there versus a 9 and 9 team?