Too Many Steps

Maher seems to take too much time and too many steps in getting his punts off. Bartel was a one stepper, as are most NFL punters. I don't recall Oz having this many punt blocks in his career. This is fixable, so fix it already! :frowning:

Pat Lynch (R.I.P. Mike)

He is a great punter.. I dont know if messin with his mechanics is a good thing.

Fix the problem up front id say. We seen the other week we had 2 blockers not knowing their assignment and the defender ran right up the middle basically and blocked it.

I think if was Murray who failed on blocking Carter.

It wouldn't hurt to throw in some options on the big rush either. If they're going to bring the house then Maher should think about pulling it back and going for the run on short yardage.

I watched Bartel yesterday with the Riders. His "one step - Gone" approach works but hey, I'm no doctor! It does seem that the longer that you hold on to the ball, bad things seem to happen in this game. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch(the old guy... RIP Mike)

Although it is ultimately the punters responsibility to not have the punt blocked,
If a blocker comes in virtually untouched, it is hardly the punters fault.
Reinebold has got to get this taken care of, In fact all of our Special teams this year have been far from Special! :?

Oh..... they've been "special" all right. :wink:

Maybe Maher should stand a couple of yards deeper for the punt snap. That would give him a bit of extra time to launch the ball. Better to lose a couple of yards of field position from a shorter punt than to have it outright blocked.

When I saw the subject line 'Too many steps' I thought it was going to be about the workout those of us in the Upper West side get climbing the 200 or so steps up to our seats - lol.

But speaking of those steps/stairs - I hope many of you consider supporting the StairtoCare Lung Association fund raiser that the Ti-Cats players are supporting that involves climbing all those stairs on October 2nd. I've sponsored somebody but unfortunately can't do it myself as I'll be out in Banff and Calgary on business.

[url=] ... -ALPPArLIU[/url]
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