Too Many Ridiculous Penalties

In last nights game How Many Back to back “no yards” penalties? How many “Face mask” calls? Every time a flag is thrown you can pretty much assume it’s against the Tiger Cats. I think the 2 major things killing the cats are Jason Maas and Too many unneccessary penalties.

Fans complained that Marshall's TiCats lacked discipline. Different coach , same lack of discipline - 24 penalties over 2 games is unacceptable.... Our Americans need to learn how to cover punts in the CFL game and avoid dumb penalties like face masks and unnecessary roughness

A team of new players where our stars(Chang, Naughten-Mckay, Jesse Lumsden) are 25 years old. We should expect these unfortunate penalties as learning. Its up to Taffe now to show us what he is made of.