Too many penalties

The game has gotten to the point where it seems there are flags on half the plays… I find this concerning and not enjoyable… is the CFL tracking these stats… are we way up this year vs. prior…

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YAWN. First post, eh??? (That's not you , Bungle?) Subject is already in at least two other places.

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It's like that in the NFL and in college. This is certainly not the football our grandfather's watched.

I myself enjoy the more physical brand of ball. But at the same time, I actually hated playing the game when I realized how tough it was. Case in point, during my high school years I always played defense at a bigger school, but transferred to a small catholic school where I had a better chance to play at a skill position. Well, after suiting up at running back, I quickly grew to understand that I was a target for 11 maniacs. It was as if I was wearing a bulleyes across my chest.

After one game, I was back on D. The point is the body is not meant to take this brutality. But let's face it, it sure is entertaining to watch, but I believe kids now are gravitating towards soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and over course video games.

Oh come on... I only have one alias.. But I have almost stoped watching CFL this season.. I still try to watch all of the games, but half the time I fall asleep.

Disagree, the games have been exciting this year way up from last year.
But the flags are a joke, the league has to step in to immediately educate the crews to drastically reduce the iffy calls.

Nice try Bungle. That has nothing to do with flags, boring games, poor scheduling, too many late games......

that's called getting old dude. :cowboy:

Again, due to the brutality of this game, it becomes necessary to protect the players. In addition, because of the salary disparity between the CFL and other professional leagues you can make a case for stronger safety measures.

I agree a lot of flags this year , soon as their is a big play my eyes seem to gravitate to the bottom right of the screen to see if the yellow flag sign is up, and a lot of times watching I now watch for the penalty instead of the play.

I don’t even get excited when there is a big play now. Just start looking for the Flag sign. I wonder if the the players involved in the play, do the same thing? :thdn:

With 4+ minutes left, there has been 25 ACCEPTED penalties in the Bills / NE game. Add in the unaccepted ones and it would be somewhere in the 40 range.

NFL is always copying the CFL :lol:

And this is from officials who get paid 3 to 4 times more, get double the prep time and infinitely more from the NFL in terms of support and coaching materials than the Cdn guys.

So, the next time I read the rant, "We need full time officials in the CFL" in this forum, please excuse me if I laugh a whole bunch.

I dunno.....maybe it's the players?

Just maybe :lol:

When the commish has ZERO power to protect the integrity of the games and can't suspend players or GM/Coach, this is what you get. :lol:

I guess you won't be watching any NFL games since they are averaging about 17 penalties per game.

I don't watch NFL until the CFL season is over. That way you know which teams to bother watching

The sheer number of penalties suggest that either the players don't care about breaking the rules, or the rules are so complicated that the players can't avoid breaking them.

There's always going to be a certain number for things like offside because people are trying to push the limits and someone will be over it at some point, but the numbers are so high that maybe the rules themselves are the problem.

Either way, it's not on the officials. If they call the rule the way it's written, they are doing their job correctly. It's not on the officials to fix bad rules by just ignoring infractions. It's up to the league to fix the rules and the players to follow them.

I think it's more the latter. One of the RedBlacks players recently commented that he wished the pass coverage rules were the same in the CFL as they are in the NFL.

This guy has probably been playing a certain way for the better part of 20 years, now he's being told to change that slightly. It's like if they flipped the pedals around in your car or something. You need to change habits that you've built over a number of years and it's not easy. The rule may not be complicated as such, but changing the way you've been taught to play since youth has to be.

<I think it's more the latter. One of the RedBlacks players recently commented that he wished the pass coverage rules were the same in the CFL as they are in the NFL.>

This is the no contact after five yard rule, yes?

Interference is interference. There shouldn't be any reason to complicate it.