Too Many / Not Enough Flags

Two interesting posts. One complaining that there are too many flags, and the one complaining about NOT ENOUGH holding calls.

No wonder the Officials are confused, so are the fans! :roll: :roll:

So step right up and vote in this poll. Let the league know what you want. :roll:

The officials aren't confused, some fans are. Refs call what they call. To suggest that they should call fewer/more penalties just to call fewer/more penalties is suggesting the CFL become more like professional wrestling. The refs aren't league puppets, put in place to ensure the outcome of a match, they're their to ensure fairness. To do that they have to call 'em the way they see 'em, and they're well-trained to do just that. Sure they make mistakes sometimes, but the vast majority of the time they're right.

Sometimes there are a lot of penalties. Veteran pros can sometimes get away with what appears to be holding when seen on TV. Blame (or applaud) the players not the refs.

Prove it.

You can't.

That is all.

Thats why I made this smart a$$ pole rpaege. We have one thread complaining about calls and one saying there aren't enough. :roll: :roll:

I notice there was enough honest people that chose I want more whine! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I voted for less flags, it seems that the officials are throwing too many in all games this year. I think every "home team" has been jobbed at some point in the season so far this year.

you dont have my choice in the options.

I dont want them to "just let them play". I do want less flags because I want the damn players to learn to play the game proper within the rules. I want the owners to be mandated to fine players who get certain penalties, to fine players who get too many penalties, etc. I want owners, coaches and players to take step to reduce the need for flags. No infraction that does occur should go unpunished.

One thing I do want to see, is pass interference called everytime, regardless of if the ball is catchable. Same with late hits on anybody. If a reciever goes for a ball, the defender should have to make sure the reciever actually touches the ball before hitting him. If the ball is high, and the reciever cannot touch it, then it should be a penalty to hit him.

Jeez, FYB, do you want the players to put flags on their belts, so that nobody gets hit?

I think he is referring more to the fact that certain penalties are inexcusable.

The Oline knows the snap count and there is no reason to be offside
The punting teams knows there is a 5 yard limit
After the whistle blows there is no reason to nail the opposing players.

Its penalties like that that ruin the game and a teams chance of winning

I agree with ro... The offside and 5 yard penalties need to stop. They really slow down the game. There are some games when there are penalties after each kick off or punt. It's ridiculous. Players should follow the rules.

Of course, players aren't the only ones to be blamed. The officials screw up, as well. Calling a RTP when it's clearly not... c'mon.

I may catch some flack for this, but the one advantage the NFL has over the CFL is the number of flags thrown.

Can you prove otherwise? Of course you can't. Your challenge is ridiculous. I wouldn't doubt that YOU believe the refs are puppets however. Fortunately, level headed people understand that they aren't because if they were the league would have no integrity whatsoever.

I agree with FYB, it's up to the coaches and players to reduce the penalties, not the refs.

I can't vote for any of those choices.
Of course I want fewer penalties. But I want the refs to call the infractions that are there.
But want I want is for the refs to,
A). know the rules,
B). Interpret them consistantly.
If the refs call offside the same on every play, the players will adapt to that and eventually, stop doing it.
But when one play a receiver can go offside by 3 yards and there is no call, and the very next play he gets called for having a toenail over the line, then we just get confusion.

It isn't about "more" calls, or "fewer" calls.
It is about "correct" calls and "consistant" calls.

I think in an effort to boost scoring, George Black has instructed his crews to ignore receivers going offside. There were several offsides ignored in the Lions-Argos game on Saturday night (one was 3 yards offside the CBC commentators remarked on that one), it took until 1:43 left in the first half until one was finally called.

They have always given recievers some leeway. Ray Elgaard used to always go offside, nothing to do with george black, just the way it is. I am actually somewhat cool with that one. Its the babying of the QB's that I don't like. When someone is in the air when the qb throws and lands on the qb, there is no control over something like that. Now sure if the defender smacks the qb in the head purposefully with his arms or something Ok make the call, but otherwise no call. Its physics, the guy just can't stop themselves mid air.
Its the general babying of QBs that i dislike. Its called football. Not field hockey. They are wearing helmets and pads not skirts.

...totally agree with you Billy...there doesn't seem to be any discretion with the hits on the looks as though the refs are just flagging all contact....the biggest laugher was in the Ham/Tor. game awhile back when Bishop was stretching for a first down and was knocked out of bounds ... they penalized the Cats for roughing the passer...bloody ridiculous....IF the qb. is reaching for a first down...he's fair game as far as i'm concerned....especially on the side-lines... :roll:

While I do agree about the QB's Ya gotta blame the owners/gms for the rule changes.