Too many incomplete passes

Looking at the Live Gameday online. All i see is incomplete pass after incomplete pass. What gives?

I like to call many of them "Dropped Passes"

88 should not get payed this week for that last dropped ball. Disgusting.
He should be ashamed of himself with the game on the line.

Yet, things happened when we threw the ball.

That predictable run up the middle produced one good result. In the second and fourth quarter when we threw the ball things happened.

We got out-coached again today. There were some glaring player mistakes, but for the most part the other coaches shred us.

Time to release some receivers and hire
a new punt returner.

We have a great punt returner. He won Special Teams Player Of The Week awhile ago. His name is Nate Curry.

Coaches don't play the game nor do they drop catchable balls.

The problem is that Printers was only throwing to two starting receivers...Armstead and Ralph. Bauman, Curry and Walker are invisible men out there. A team needs four starting receivers (all of whom catch the ball at least 3-5 times a game, minimum) for that team to win games.

Desjardins, get us two more quality receivers next year, or you will be out of a job.

Too bad Bauman can't catch yet. I think the team should invest one more season in him and if there's no improvement, nuke him.

I didn't see him drop any today

Ralphie Boy dropped 4 right in his mitts today.

Hey Ralphie...those aren't grenades. Your'e allowed to catch 'em.