Too many Excuses

I'm sick of hearing the BS comming out of the Ticat camp. Everytime Greg Marshall is questioned about the lack of offense he has a prepared answer ~ "the Offense has a lot of new faces and they have to jell as a unit".

I think the problem is coaching since they have the tools (no pass rush though)but they don't know how to use them.

Marshall has had his chances to prove himself. When will the bleeding stop, I hope they don't wait til it's too late.


Montreal made 12 changes on starters and are gelling alright.

Yeah ~ That's what I'm talking about!!!!


Look at the changes that Sask made, similar to us, lost Holmes, picked up a new QB and Armstead... at least they've shown something.

'Gelling' is a lame excuse, Maas has done about as much as he could to bring the O together, it's the bs playcalling that is the reason the O is sputtering. Maas completed 80% of his passes in Calagary, what does Marshall expect of him, to complete 90 to 100% of his passes in order for them to score one t.d a game. It's a garbage system when you go into a series and expect Maas to complete 13 passes in a row to put a t.d drive together.

:( :(

Even the sports casters are getting fed up.
Last nite on CH sports, Ticats didn't even get a mention.