Too Many Cooks.

I don't know, maybe I'm old school and don't know it. But as I read thru many of the threads here on the Alouettes sub-forum and also on the CFL main forum. Much of what I read is HC this or HC that or OC this or OC that. What is wrong with letting the players just play and run the games themselves, aren't they supposed to be the pros. The players are in a much better position to read the respective offenses or defenses. Every year it gets worse, so they have these paid so called assistant coaches and coordinators on the side lines or up in the top booths. And these so called HC's and OC's get more press here on this site than the players. I hope that this is not another attempt at copying an Americanized way to run a team. Oh God spare me if that is the case. So now we have OC's days at the office, with all their camera shots during the games. If I were a player I'd feel traumatized by these paid goofs on the sidelines. The CFL and I don't know about the other leagues have gotten to the state where too much emphasis or credence is given to these so-called assistants and coordinators. Just my opinion folks.