Too Many Controversies

As much as you guys are probably fed up of hearing it, the 2008 season isn't quite down the toilet yet. Even with the crossover, somebody is going to back into second place, and from what I saw at Molson Stadium yesterday, it sure doesn't look like it's going to be the Ar...s.

The Blue D looked like a senior citizen's convention, AC ran around O'Sh.. like he was standing know I love AC, and think that he is the best QB in the last decade, but when AC jukes you out, you know that its time to hang them up.

All that being said, IMHO, the biggest problem with the Cats is not only the weak spots (receivers, oline, dline) but also the way that the head office handles the controversies that surround the team's strengths.

  1. You cannot be sucessful by trying to accomodate 2 the CFL there are only 3 downs and one football. Pick Jesse or Caulley but commit to him. If Jesse is still hurt, rest him till he is better, then make your choice.

  2. Pick a QB and stick with him. Casey or Richie or Porter, nobody is going to be able to run an offense knowing that he is going to get yanked after a bad series or 2.

  3. Pick your receivers and let them hang around long enough to develop chemistry with the QBs. Casey and Richie are scrambling improv QBs and need receivers who can recognize this and modify their routes accordingly.

In general, there are going to be players who aren't going to make it, however if you stick with a stable crew, some guys are going to improve. Before you know it, a DB who may be struggling now might evolve into a star, or the guy who you thought was a star might turn out to be a dud, but if you keep on mixing up the lineups, you may never find out.

I agree with much you say. However, outside of this last game, I don't think we have pulled the QB when he was struggling.
I think Casey should be on a short leash as he continues to struggle with this team.