Too loud!!!

I'm raising my voice and leaning in to talk to my seat mate 45 minutes before the kickoff. Annoying!

"What I can't hear you"

I couldn't hear my 6 yr old and she couldn't hear me. The speakers are far too loud on the concourse and in the stands pre-game. The speakers sound strained and overloaded.

I don't think too many people will argue this point, the volume of the speakers are about twice what they should be. The crowd should be loud when the ticats are on defense, but the speakers should be set at medium low.

8) It wasn't just pre-game, the music was simply deafening in the Club Section, so bad that you couldn't even talk to the
   person right beside you, through out the whole game !!

   Utterly ridiculous !!    <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->   <!-- s:thdn: -->:thdn:<!-- s:thdn: -->

I agree the music is so loud no conversations can be had except when our offense is on the field. How can you discuss the game when you can’t hear yourself let alone someone else? As soon as the play is over the music blares. Enough is enough! They are making the game day experience not as good as it was.

Also can the stadium announcer stop calling Luke Tasker Steve Tasker please.

The speakers seemed to have been turned up for last night's game. I have hearing aids, which I do not wear during the game, and even I thought it was too loud. It must have been deafening for a person with normal hearing.

Can we have the speakers turned down to a normal level please. Let the crowd make the noise.

I have to agree, the volume was too loud all evening. So loud that it took away from the game, which I have to say was so poorly played. Would have been better watching on TV. Also lets have some decent food offerings at the stadium. Such standard fare and very over priced.

This is not the place to discuss suggestions/complaints about the stadium. Contact the Ticat office

To be honest, it's not bad to discuss issues on this forum to get other's opinions. I think that's why they have a forum in the first place.

On that note, my opinion is the complete opposite. It's not too loud. I have been to dozens of other CFL, NCAA and NFL stadiums, along with even more NHL and other levels of hockey arenas. Tim Hortons Field is no different than most football stadiums. Have you been to the Big House in Michigan? Now that's loud.

I remember threads about Ivor Wynne complaining that you COULDN'T hear the announcer! My seasons were in Box H and it was very difficult to hear most of what the announcer said. Now in Second 116 - sound is perfect to me.

Turn it down and some closer to the field won't hear.

Plus I truly believe it's added to the home field advantage. The loud music pumps up the players and the crowd alike - see 10-1 home record.

We don't want a quiet home field!!!!

Next 3 home games are against the 3 best teams in the CFL (after our Ticats):


Let's make it even louder!!!!

Caretaker started a thread for just this purpose

Tim Hortons Field.
[b]Postby Caretaker » Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:03 pm
After locking our record-setting “Ticats/City of Hamilton Stadium Talks Thread”, I expected to see a dozen new Topics started in this forum. But given none have appeared, here goes:

Tim Hortons Field (and lets agree to call it that given that Tim Hortons are financially supporting the stadium and the City to the tune of millions of dollars every year) is a fantastic addition to the infrastructure of Hamilton. From Pan Am Soccer games to sold out music concerts to community sporting events, and yes Tiger-Cat football games, it is already delivering terrific returns to the City.

So don’t hesitate to post what you like, or what you don’t like about the new stadium. Always keep in mind that if you have a complaint send it directly to the Ticats. Particularly your ticket rep.

These forums are more valuable as a Ticat fan to Ticat fan self-help group. If you are having trouble in a wheel chair ask the other wheel chair posters for their opinion on how to solve the problem. Or if you cannot find a urinal ask other urinal users to point you the way.

The stadium is already doing very well, and we and our partners are still learning. Your experience at Tim Hortons Field is only going to get better.[/b]


That reminds me, I better get some headphones for my daughter before the Edmonton game…

I am close to the field (mid-field) and it was too loud. I could hear the announcer fine, except when the music was playing at the same time. It’s ironic that he’s trying to get people to cheer but he’s almost drowned out by the music. The previous home games this year have been excellent because the speaker volume was down and the I think the crowd (along with the announcer) did a fine job of keeping it loud, it was hardly quiet. It was enjoayable to feel a part of the game, not fighting against the music. Maybe if it wasn’t headbanger music and more hip-hop or R&B like the other leagues that you mentioned, it would be more acceptable. Watching the Ottawa game and I can’t hear any music

Oh please god no!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I was at the first two home games and can’t say I noticed it being overly loud. I did notice that the “Make some noise” prompt came a bit late, and should have been the opposition was in their huddle.

I don’t really care what music is played, just make it not so loud and not as often. Someone else pointed out that other places (such as the Raptors) play loud music. I was just saying that they don’t play AC/DC and heavy metal to get people pumped.

I also pointed out that in previous games the music wasn’t too loud, just the Montreal game. Before the fans were providing the noise, not the loudspeakers and it was fun. Maybe it was more fun because we won those games.

The music had been turned down somewhat for the Labour Day game, thankyou.

The drum line on the north-east corner of the field provided adequate and appropriate background music between plays, IMO. Not only were they not acknowledged or introduced, but after they'd started to drum, the recorded music was allowed to blare through. -Not professional.

What was professional though was the combined show by the Argo and Ticat cheerleaders. Very impressive I thought - too bad it wasn't shown on TV.

8) aberfoyler, I agree with you completely on all 3 points you made !!!

They got props on TSN. Commentators even suggested that some kind of live band or drum corps should be mandatory at all CFL games.

Yes, saw it on TSN. Great mention. They should get more recognition at the games, Anyone snow who they are?

Agreed! Thanks for listening to the fnas! I had also spoken to my ticket rep about it.