Too early to tell.

I would've liked to have seen Wally split up the play time between QB's in game one, then alternate starts between halfs for game two. We saw how Micheal Bishop looked compared to Allen, and the switch will surely motivate Damon to play better next game(should he get the chance).I wasn't suprised that both teams looked shakey(I mean it was game one after all) but I was looking for more short passes,crossing routs,and plays out in the flats.Overall the Lions look poised to improve each week.Good to see Clearmont healthy.

Pre-season is for splitting up quarterbacks, I'm happy the Lions were set on a #1 for this season. If we start splitting duties we'd just end up having another Dickenson/Printers pain in the ass on our hands

I agree, you don't want to start switching QB's back and forth. It sends the wrong message to all the players. I believe it was smart for the Argo's to put Bishop in, I also think Allen should hanging it up; but I don't see Bishop as a starter yet. He seems to be better off the bench. I don't see him read the defence, he seems to just throw, and if all his receivers are covered he scrambles with no real plan, just hopes to hell he can make something happen. Only time will tell for Bishop, but I don't think it will take to long untill teams pick up his tendencies

one way or the other, buck will start before the season is done.

Yeah..., the offense looked out of sync , but they seemed better in the second half , and they didn't panic the last few minutes of the game, which is something to build on. I think its great that the ref's are calling all the head shots and late hits on the Q B's, so maybe Buck won't see as much action.( unless Dave's play goes crappy ).Me thinks the next game will be a real test on the defense cause Edmonton looked pretty good.