Too early to eat crow about Kevin Glenn?

I'm not seeing the dump Kevin postings that were so popular a while back... perhaps we forgot with all the Damon Allen crits. But hey maybe this is just a glitch and we can start judging without any actual football knowledge again soon.
Oh, I'm not bitter,you d**ks!

So, about the name calling.....

...since when is ducks such a bad word that it requires asterixes?.....

Since they beat the Sens.....

Before this season, most people knew that Glenn is a good quarterback. If Glenn continues to excel, he should be considered for elite status. But Glenn hasn't yet achieved as much as elite quarterbacks. Average quarterbacks (such as Crandell) can win the grey cup, but elite quarterbacks are finalists for MVP awards which are harder to win than a championship.

Screw elite status.
I want a QB that wins games, and is the QB that wins the Blue a Grey Cup Championship this year in Toronto.

He’s on his way to accomplishing that… two great games so far!
'Nuff said!

Go Blue! Go Kevin Glenn!