Too Confident

We better watch what we say about Sask next week. Our Team is still very new and there are plenty of Veteran players in Regina.

We have seen unknown QB's beat us up before no way will this be a easy victory. Lets keep the jinx level to a minimum

I'm not superstitious and I'm guaranteeing an EASY win.

I've seen enough of their qb's to know they can't play at the CFL level, they can't read defences and they throw ugly passes, Durrant was missing wide open passes all game, all we have to do is throw complex zones at them all game and make them throw where we want them to.

In the final preseason game both Jyles and Durrant combined for 80 yards passing all game. If a qb can't even get it done in preseason against the most vanilla of vanilla coverages then how is he supposed to know what he's doing against complex stuff?

But if their Defence forces turnovers deep in our own end. it doesnt take much of a QB to hand the ball of in the redzone and end up with 6-7 points.

i agree with you Drexl i think we will win this game but i am not going to guarantee an easy win.

The Riders still have a good runningback, a great recieving corp (even without flick) and they have a tough tough defence.

but i am hoping you're right with the "EASY" win.

Nothing comes easy in the Hammer. I believe they will play well with confidence. Lets hope the coaches come up with another great game plan :thup:

I agree about not being too over confident. As much as I want to believe the Ticats are going to have a great season, I first want to see how well they play in this next game. I recall how well our team stomped all over the Bombers last year in Hamilton, Jessie running them over. Then the next game...........flat.

Piece together some wins or at least some hard fought games and then maybe I'll believe.

Durant had thrown one pass prior to the game this week. One half of football is enough to judge a The Riders created 4 turnovers against BC and 3 against Edm....they got 2 picks off Ricky Ray. Joe Smith had over 1500 yards rushing last year....Friday against the Ridershe had 27 yards on 13 carries......even if the Riders do have trouble scoring on offense doesn't mean that Hamilton will light it up against an very tough defense....The riders gave up 13 points to edmonton and 16 points to BC......there's no way this is an easy win for the should be a good game...probably quite low scoring....

Last game amazing results aside, the Cats showed glaring problems.The Argos were able to shred the secondary.The results could have been different if the Argos able to hold on to the ball.On the play that Gordon caused the fumble he was badly beaten.If the receiver held onto the ball he had a sure td.Secondly the kick coverage was terrible,in fact much worse than last year’s.

Shredded the defense? You sure about that? You don't shred a defense and only put up 13 points. We're not too confident. We don't give our team enough credit. Toronto's defense was the one that got torn to bits and totally manhandled. Even in the loss to Montreal I saw a ton of positives and knew that it would be a different story in Toronto. Next game against Montreal will be much more even as well. The first three series ended it for Hamilton in week 1; tons of mistakes and Montreal capitalized to take a huge lead. Last week was more idicative of who this team is. Easy or not, I'm predicting a win this week for the Cats.

I agree with most of what you are saying. However, 16-3 at the half is not a HUGE lead; not in the CFL.

You're right it's not, but what I'm saying is the 13 point lead came quick in the first quarter. The second quarter was basically a draw. Without those wacky first couple of series it's a different game. Instead of Montreal going up by 20 in the third, they're up by one touchdown, and the Cats can still stick to their game plan, develop the run etc, rather than just thinking that they need to try for a big play. But of course that's part of football. Montreal took advantage of the mistakes and we couldn't come back from it. I just thought at the time and still do, that those early drives were the nails in the Cats coffin. Next game against the Als will be interesting.

Lets all just get out and cheer on our NEW team. I have my ticks!!!

Exactly, winning a few more will definitely go a long way to helping shed our bad image. Too bad Marcus and flick were injured because a win this week with them playing would have definitely proved once and for all that last week was no fluke.

Either way, lots more football left to play and lets hope we win almost all of them.

Wes Cates is going to give the Cats some problems, because he isn't just "a good RB" he's a great one. TiCat D is 3 man front, and Zeke had better be "on his game" or we could too easily lose this one to the reigning Champions, who can write Treatises on "ball control" and "clock management"

Hamilton could be an awfully good team, and with Marcus and DJ out of the picture for this week, its a great window of opportunity, but we are up against the top of the League in every aspect this week, and victory is far from a foregone conclusion.

Such being said, I want to see us win this one, and get at least one win against each divisional rival (maybe two in the case of Montreal) before I get that excited about buying GC tickets.

IWS tickets, on the other hand, are a sure thing for the next several games!

Have you Seen our Starting Runningback?

and the cats play a 4-3 not a 3-4

Our offense if they stay together has the talent to put up some big numbers. I like the size of Mitchell and Woodcock has looked good. Jesse is a awesome and I think Printers had played great. Trey Smith compliments Jesse well. Lets hope they gel quickly. The key I feel is if the coaching staff can come up with a good game plan for each team and make the right adjustments whwn needed.

How bout 'cautiously optimistic' .It depends what happens when the running game gets shut down for the cats. Printers wont win many games with 170 yards passing and when the run is stuffed and the cats must pass to win that question will be answered. Cfl is a passing league and i dont expect the cats to rush for 300 every game. Against montreal when they went away from the run because they were behind they didnt get very much going. I dont see any reason for overconfidence at this point because its just one win. I am confident they can beat sask next game but its far from a lock.

The Cats should be the favourites against Sask considering their injuries, but we all thought the same about Montreal and look what happened. I think the Cats will win however, but considering the Riders' injuries, it would be nice to see the Cats really put it together and not just win the game but dominate it. I think they have it in them and they need the confidence another big win would give them.
But the biggest mistake anyone could do is take Saskatchewan lightly. Sometimes second string QB's decide to use opportunities like these to prove themselves.

Wes Cates is going to get his yards. He may have a 100 yd game, but he's not going to beat us on his own.

Maybe we're underestimating Sask's qb's, but until they prove something, I say they're going to struggle.

Game plan maybe should be to take away Cates as much as possible and leave some passing lanes open, see what the Rider qb's can do.

Like most, I don't think this will be an easy win. We beat the Argos because their offense did not execute, and ours followed a great game plan, and was able to get the ball into the endzone by running. The great Argos defense has always been succeptable to the run, and the short pass.

We will match up well against the Riders because their offence will not be solid with a 2nd or 3rd string QB starting and no Flick, and their defense will be tough to beat. I still think our defense is the weaker of our two teams, and our offense is showing a lot of promise, particularly with the mix of running packages, which helps create a balanced offense.

We should have some advantage over the Riders because we are at home, but like many games this one may be decided by the team that executes their plays. Turnovers, penalties, and missed plays will be a big part in deciding who wins this one.

Win or lose, I'm looking forward to an exciting contest. If the 'Cats show up like they did last week and beat the Riders, it will be a huge confidence boost, and will be one step towards determining how good this team really is.