Too Close To Call

As the Game approaches it appears too close to call. I had hoped that I might get some valuable knowledge from the posts here with inside information that would tell me who would likely win, but it just isn't there. Nobody seems to know who's going to fumble at a critical time, who's going to have the game of their career, who's going to be injured, which way the ball will bounce. Anyway, I want to thank you all for letting me share your board, especially Big Blew who sent me a nice letter. BB, if I knew how to reply I'd have done so, but I don't even know how to include those little emoticons on my post. No, I can't get the game in China, but I can follow the score. Though I grew up in Saskatch, Man., and BC, I've been a Bomber for nigh onto 60 years. Ruffies are my #2. Labour Day my favourite time. This is going to be Labour Day times Ten. Thanks again, and Good Luck to all posters, Bombers, and even the Roughies.

nihao zhu zai na li?

If you haven't picked up pinyin yet, what city are you in and how long have you been there?

And...wo bu shi zhongguo ren, wo shi lao wai.

Thanks for that, indianjack. I'm almost positive that everyone can watch the game whether they have it televised or not. Here's a link that you should click on as the game approaches to find out for certain. Irregardless the entire replay will be provided if you click on the "On Demand" tab on top of the video player.

I wish we can supply some 'inside information' as to say various ailments of some the players that we suspect are hurt. Even at that the teams play a game between themselves so as not to give away too much. Most of the fun here is guesswork and speculation.

Hey Madjack and BigBlew: Thanx for yr responses..and nihao to both of you. I've taught in Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yangshuo, Nanjing, and now Nanchang, in that order. I'm too old to learn Chinese, so I get young ladies to do all my language needs. With 7 sons and a wife in BC and Alta, I assure that's all the young ladies do for me. Back to the matter at hand BB, I get a written play by play on the CFL board. If I had Paypal or a credit card I could get CBC, maybe. When I try to get a video from them, they say it's not available in my area. Anyway, I'm happy with the written account. Yes, I would love to see the game live, but I can't figure out Paypal anymore, and besides, I never know how much money my wife has in our account. She's paying the bills at home and I wouldn't want to nsf some of her payments. Thanks for your help, though. You're good fellows. Go BigBlue!

Cool indianjack.....and nice name by the way!

Well we've crossed paths a bit....I once had quite the passionate fling with a Zhengzhou girl, and I have stayed in Guangzhou (and lived to tell the tale, surprisingly what with that traffic!!).

[quote="MadJack"]Cool indianjack.....and nice name by the way!

Well weEven though Zhengzhou and Guangzhou both have about 9 million pop'n, I think I know your Zhengzhou girl. Was she about 5'2" with black hair, and jay-walked a lot?

I should have added thanks for the ‘cool name’ remark. Old #27 was my hero. He never won us a Grey Cup, but then never did Glen Dobbs win one for Dobberville–if you young bucks know what I mean!

Hello Indian Jack. Nice to hear from somebody from as far away as you. The media have Riders favoured to win but the Bombers disagree.

Though the Rider fans are playing it cool and making it sound like it's a draw, the fact is the Riders are easily favored for obvious reasons. We can still hope our team can dig deeper and pull it off.

St. Mary's faced a situation almost the same as the Bombers: a seldom-used second stringer replacing an MVP quarterback, and he did almost as good a job as Mackie. If Dinwiddie does almost as good as Joseph,and I think he will;then we should be bringing the hardware home.