Too Cam Wake!

Thanks Cam for coming out. The slow hogs of the Stampeders for rokkies that most of them are they sure did a great job. I am glad you pointed it out that they were slow and fat. It just made them that more determined to win. Yup they are slow and fat but Cam did you notice the STamps not only beat your team once, not twice, not three times But yes Cam four times. I guess it is good to be slow and fat. May I suggest you go to KFC and eat several buckets of greasy KFC to catch up. Mike Labinjo says Hi and good luck with the NFL after all he has played in the Super Bowl. Ah yes who is this Mike Labinjo? He is number 42 in case Murphy did not know but I assure you after yesterdays game he has become good friends or at least Mike Labinjo will add him to his xmas card list.
Anyway Cam you are no doubt a very good football player but as you can see you might want to tone down your ego somewhat when you fail your try out in the NFL. The Lions fans love you and will miss you dearly. And Cam the Stamps will too.

I think Murphy does know the number 42, its the number he saw after he turned to see who blew by him on play after play… :wink:

Kind of a weird post. Wake called the O line fat and slow, not the whole team. The O line has a lot to do with protecting the QB and facilitating the run. Burris ate the turf 4 times, not a great showing and Reynolds only had an average game. Calgary O was slow, you watch how many times they resorted to holding Wake as he sauntered past. Stamps won, if you are going to crap talk do so about things that apply. For example, BCs inability to finish and questionable tackling at times. Wake was right about the O line :smiley:

So it is all about BC hey. LOL Well that young oline played four games versus the Lions and mos t people say it is won and lost in the trenches it seems Mr Wake did not do a good enough job to win. Your offense by the way was nto slow and old to win the game how does it sound now. I mean they had enough chances yet some how they could not score. Funny hey!

05, did you honestly expect Wake to win the game by himself? He had 3 tackles and a sack. Not a bad game. And as Wut mentioned, the Lions D-Line sacked Burris 4 times.

Mike Labinjo had a great game, and the Stamps won, congrats to them... but why don't you try toning down the B.S. You're starting to sound like some of the B.C. trolls.

Mike Labinjo is only good because he played for the Eagles! woo!

No, just kidding, the guy is pretty good.